Café Des Amis


Café Des Amis

Cafe Des Amis has always had a good reputation. If you mention this place to anyone, everyone either responds with ‘ooh that place is supposed to be good’ or ‘I’ve eaten there and it’s amazing’. It has a lot to live up to. Located in the heart of Canterbury town centre, it’s easy to find. Although parking in Canterbury is always a nightmare!

My sister and I went for an early dinner at Cafe des Amis prior to going to see a show at The Marlow Theatre. Despite it being a 5pm sitting, it was really quite busy in there, but we had pre-booked so we were quickly shown to our table on arrival.

Café Des Amis

The food is Mexican and Mediterranean inspired and the decor is quirkily themed around this too.

My sister and I decided to share a traditional Mexican favourite of fajitas – a classic at Cafe des Amis. The chicken is pan-fried after being marinated in garlic, lime, oregano and chipotle butter. The fajitas are served with soft flour wraps and lots of accompaniments to go with the chicken breast. Our meal arrived quickly after ordering and our very smiley waitress informed us that we could refill up to four of the accompaniments during the course of our meal and also to let her know if we’d like more wraps.

Café Des Amis

We tucked in. The chicken was really flavoursome and succulent. The accompaniments went well with the flavours. We had black-eye beans, salad, sour cream, guacamole, salsa, cheese and jalapenos. Yummy! We did order a couple of extra servings, once included cheese – we love cheese. Plus an extra wrap each.

Café Des Amis

The food and service were really good and I’d love to go again. We decided that we didn’t have room for dessert and would have an ice cream in the interval of the show instead, but actually when it got round to it, we didn’t have room for that either. The fajitas were pretty filling.

The meal, including a fruit juice and a glass of wine cost just under £40. I would highly recommend Cafe des Amis to anyone in the Canterbury area, or perhaps even further out who want to try some good Mexican food in a great location.

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6 thoughts on “Café Des Amis

  1. Sounds good. I love fajitas, but a bit far for me to travel. Still very good to file away in case I am in Canterbury. Thanks for joining us on the #DreamTeam

    • Sally Sally says:

      Fajitas are such a lovely meal. Yes definitely one to file away – Canterbury is lovely for a weekend break away. Plenty to see and do Kirsty.

  2. I LOVE Mexican food and my mum in law lives near Canterbury so I might suggest a trip next time we visit her! Thanks for the recommendation and linking up with us at #globalblogging

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