Congo Rapids Crazy Golf


Congo Rapids Crazy Golf

We have some friends who live in Suffolk and so we often visit them for a weekend. On our last visit there, they look us to the Congo Rapids Lost World Adventure Golf in Woodbridge. We went as a group of adults but it’s perfectly family friendly too – we are all just big kids.

Congo Rapids Crazy Golf

The crazy golf course is actually on the same site as Ufford Park golf course, so it’s really easy to get to and there’s loads of parking.

The course is really well thought out. As normal, you collect your putters and balls from a little hut at the entrance. You then go across a little stream on a gated raft to gain access to the first hole. I really liked the attention to detail and it would be a lot of fun for kids (and us, as big kids).

Congo Rapids Crazy Golf

The course plays a variety of jungle inspired upbeat music, which did get a little bit repetitive as we were going round the course, but I didn’t mind it too much. It made it seem more interactive.

There were 18 holes and they were themed through a variety of jungle inspired themes in the first half of the course and moved more into dinosaurs in the second half. There were plenty of animals and dinosaurs dotted around the course and the theming of the overall course was really clever.

Congo Rapids Crazy Golf

Congo Rapids Crazy Golf

The course wasn’t too tricky, there were a couple of holes that were more challenging than others and I did get the maximum score on one, but I also managed to get a hole-in-one, which I was really pleased about.

Congo Rapids Crazy Golf

Overall it was a lot of fun, the course is really well thought-out and it was well-maintained. To play 18 holes, it costs £8 per adult or £5.75 per child. They also do packages for families of 4 (£22) or families of 5 (£26).

Do you like a good game of crazy golf? Where’s the best course you’ve played on. I’d love to hear your recommendations of where to go next.

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10 thoughts on “Congo Rapids Crazy Golf

    • Sally Sally says:

      I know it brings back such nice memories of holidays when I was younger too. I love a bit of crazy golf.

  1. Avatar Jo says:

    My son loves golf! I will have to take him there when we’re next in the area, it looks great 🙂 #bloggerclubuk

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