Lebowskis is a small Scottish chain of restaurants. They first opened their doors in 2007 and currently have three eateries. One in Edinburgh and two in Glasgow. Whilst I was visiting friends in Glasgow, we visited the one in Glasgow West.


Let’s start with the food. The menu is predominantly based around burgers. Not the limp, naff, fast-food type burgers, but chunky, proper burgers. The ones that you feel a sense of achievement when you finish them. The burger menu offers a fantastic selection. You could choose the ‘The Lebowski Burger’ which is a simple minced rump steak burger. If you think you can handle more, you can get a double version of this. I promise you it’s huge. We saw some coming out of the kitchen when we arrived and no one was brave enough to order one.

If you don’t fancy beef, Lebowskis have chicken, pulled pork and lamb burgers on offer. Within the seasonal range, you can also get a venison burger or even a crab and haddock patty. I was impressed by the selection. They also cater for vegetarians. Offering two options. One with goats cheese, mushroom, pepper, aubergine and red onion jam and the other made of spiced falafel, Asian slaw and garlic mayo.

If you don’t fancy a burger they do offer alternatives such as sausages, steak and chips, a hotdog and veggie haggis lasagne. Yummy!

We all opted for burgers. It felt like a crime to come to a place like this and not order a burger.

When the burgers came out, they were served with either skinny fries or tats. I assume tats are just normal fries, but we opted for the skinny fries so I never found out. We added on some extra sauce options. I chose the chipotle hot sauce as I like a bit of spice to dip my chips in.


The burgers were really well cooked and absolutely mouth-wateringly delicious. I completely cleared my burger and skinny fries. Other members of our party also ordered onion rings and mac n cheese as sides, which I was told were equally as good as the main.

After our meal, we decided to sample the drinks menu. Ordering either a flavoured spirit and mixer or a White Russian each. I’m told that the White Russian is something to do with the film, which the name of the restaurant has been inspired by, but I profess I haven’t seen it. There are 30 different White Russians to try. I opted for a Sipsmith damson vodka and lemonade.

My classic ‘The Lebowski Burger’ was priced at £9.95, skinny fries included. Sides were £2.95 each and the sauce was 75p a pop. White Russians start at £4.50 per glass. My damson vodka was £3.30. All in all, very reasonably priced, particularly when you consider the quality of the food.

The restaurant was busy, it was a Friday night in Glasgow. There was a DJ booth in the corner and so it had a bit of a party atmosphere. It wouldn’t be a good place for a romantic meal out. It was quite compact but it was perfect for the four of us, who wanted a meal out in a restaurant with a bit of life and soul. I would highly recommend and would definitely go back to Lebowskis if we were in Glasgow again.

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6 thoughts on “Lebowskis

  1. Food looks great! Hoping for a trip to Edinburgh later in the year so I could be persuaded to try this out. I don’t eat beef so it’s good to know there are other things on the menu. Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes

    • Sally Sally says:

      Ooh yes, there’s lots on the menu. They do have a restaurant in Edinburgh, so you should definitely go Janet.

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