Desserts at Creams Cafe


Desserts at Creams Café

I’m writing this article from a self-induced sugar coma.  Today was the day that I was introduced to Creams Café.  Tucked away in the Dockyard area of Chatham is a small but perfectly formed American diner.  This diner is similar to other diners that I have been to. It offers up naughty-but-nice indulgence food from the US of A. The staff, dressed in polo shirts and baseball caps are both friendly and attentive.  But this venue is not like any other American diner I have been to, and I’ll tell you why.

It only serves dessert!

When my friend suggested we go (for research purposes – of course), I was very curious. I don’t have a strong sweet tooth so I didn’t think this would have much appeal, but was prepared to go, as I mentioned, in the name of research.

The café is quite compact with a big long counter running down one side.  As soon as you walk in, you see the huge array of gelato on offer. The décor is glittery and is perfectly finished by a large glitter ball. The volume of glitter on display got me excited – I’m a magpie at heart.

Creams Cafe

My friend tells me that this cafe is newly opened this year and everyone has been talking about it on social media, so I’m not quite sure how I missed this. She said she has queued for an hour for a table, but it is well worth it.  We visited on a Monday, mid-afternoon and so only waited about 15 minutes.

Creams Cafe

Once seated, I looked through the menu. I was amazed at the choices on offer. 16 different choices of sundae, too many crepe and waffle options to count. Almost 40 different choices of gelato and sorbet. This was a dessert-lovers dream.
Weighing up my choices, I liked the sound of the Ferrero Rocher sundae and the After Eight mint choc sundae. I was also tempted by the Stracciatella or Snickers gelato. It was going to be a tough choice as there were amazing sounding cakes too.  In particular I was drawn to the chocolate indulgence pudding, but I opted for the milk chocolate cookie dough dessert with vanilla ice cream.  Which was essentially a warm chocolate cookie dough mixture presented in a bowl with a side of deliciously creamy ice cream.  My friend chose the waffles with fresh strawberries and butterscotch sauce. Her dessert was also sprinkled with white chocolate flakes.

Creams Cafe

The café also offers milkshakes, smoothies and a variety of ‘soda floats’, which for those of you that don’t know, are soft drinks topped with a scoop of ice cream. Floats take me back to my youth. These were a treat at my Nan’s house, although usually these were made with cream soda and not coke, which is used at Creams Café.

The desserts arrived very quickly and were delicious.  The waffles had been freshly cooked and the strawberries were fresh, as stated, not disgusting tinned ones.  My cookie dessert was heavenly.

My other half has a really sweet tooth, so I would like to bring him here another time.  I think he would have a tough time deciding which dessert to have though. I would highly recommend this cafe (or others in the chain, there are a number all over the south and London), but with a word of warning.  The portion sizes are quite large. I couldn’t finish my dessert but if your dessert will travel well (for example a cake or waffle), you can do as we did and ask for a take home box.  Price-wise, the desserts are very comparable to a restaurant. I paid £4.95 for my dessert and £1.50 for a bottle of mineral water.  My friend’s waffle also cost £4.95.

Creams Cafe

Have a look at the menu and perhaps see if there is a Creams Café near you for a sweet treat for your forthcoming special celebration.

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    • Sally Sally says:

      Yes, I would highly recommend it for a special treat. My friends were amazed I had never been. One thing I would suggest, if your Creams is anything like ours, is picking a slightly unusual time to go as the queues can be quite long.

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