Ulverston in the Lake District


Ulverston in the Lake District

On a rather rainy day in the Lake District, we decided to drive to a nearby local town that had been recommended to us, called Ulverston.

Ulverston is famous for being the birth place of Stan Laurel and houses the Laurel and Hardy Museum. It’s also well known for its mile-long canal and markets.  We didn’t visit on market day, which given the weather was probably a godsend. Market day, if you are interested in on a Thursday but there are also a host of other events going on in Ulverston throughout the week.

Ulverston, located only a few miles from Lake Windermere is described as a festival town and that’s because there are a lot of festival events going on during the year. Just looking at their annual festival calendar, there are over 25 festivals in the town throughout the year. So chances are, whenever you visit, there will be something going on.

We wandered through the quaint little streets and visited a few of the nice boutiquey-style shops browsing for clothes and gifts. The selection of shops is quite small but we were quite happy dashing in and out of these, trying to avoid the torrential downpours. It was nice to see the town also has a local butcher, so we popped in there too.

We also visited Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe, which although I know is part of a chain, is perfectly in keeping with the ambience of the town. The lovely assistant not only sold us a few of our childhood favourite (my choice was strawberry bonbons) she pointed us in the direction of the other places we were looking for.

Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe

We eventually gave up with the rain and headed to find a place to eat.  In Ulverston, you’ll be spoilt for choice. There’s everything from local pub grub, to tea rooms to Italian and Thai restaurants.  We opted for the The Mill which offered a selection of locally sourced options.

The Mill is an impressive looking building from the outside, but even more impressive from the inside. There is an actual mill inside.  Although it doesn’t mill at this time, it could. The really helpful barman told us a bit about the mill and pointed out that the mill could be easily reconstructed for use if it was needed.

The Mill Ulverston

We opted for the lamb and the burger, both were delicious, but we had so much choice. I was tempted by the Cartmel valley duck breast and also the homemade leek and cheddar tartlet. Take a look at their menu.

The service was impeccable and the barman was really helpful when assisting my other half picking a local ale. They pride themselves on offering an eclectic mix.

The Mill Ulverston

Despite the rain, we had a lovely day exploring Ulverston. It would have been nicer if we weren’t soaked through, but hey you can’t control the weather can you?

For more information visit the Ulverston website. Maybe there will be a festival on when you are visiting?

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6 thoughts on “Ulverston in the Lake District

  1. Mmm Strawberry BonBons..
    This is why so many don’t holiday in the UK, because of the weather but look what you found! I love the look of The Mill restaurant, that’s the kind of place I like to go to and I thinkI’d visit the Laurel and hardy museum too.
    Hope to get there one day.
    Thanks for linking up to #TimeTraveller

    • Sally Sally says:

      Thanks Mari – Yes I am sad we didn’t go to the Laurel and Hardy museum. I bet it would have been interesting.

  2. Rain in the Lake District? That’s just how I remember it! And I’m sure it’s part of the experience – Ulverston sounds as if it’s worth checking out though #timetraveller

    • Sally Sally says:

      Hi Stephanie. Yes from what I hear, it’s avery rainly place. Well worth a visit though – waterproofs at the ready.

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