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Fancy Dress Theme Suggestions

Fancy dress for a lot of us starts at a very young age.  I can recall countless opportunities where my sister and I would dress up for parties, charity events, school theme days and more. I loved it. With the New Year celebrations passing by in a blur of clever and hilarious fancy dress, I decided to put together a collection of my favourite fancy dress themes (as an adult). Hopefully this will help you if you are thinking of throwing ‘a bash’ which needs a theme.

Miss World

This theme was selected for a hen weekend I attended in Wales. The bride-to-be was ‘Miss World’ and the rest of the hens were nominated a country in advance.  I got relatively lucky with my country and was given Germany.  A quick scout of the internet and I located a handbag in the shape of a beer stein. A trip to my local fancy dress shop yielded a tasteful beer wench costume (I opted for the longer style, hence the tasteful part). I was lucky as the hen do was in September and the fancy dress shop had started receiving their stock in for Oktoberfest. Some of the other costumes included hens dressed as – a cheese (Switzerland), Brazilian dancer, Aborigine, a Welsh dragon and a Bollywood dancer.

Fancy dress costumes

Fancy dress costumes from the Miss World themed hen weekend

TV and films

An obvious choice but a good one. Sometimes a theme like this gives too much choice.  At this gathering, I was joined by Wednesday Adams, Mrs Brown (from Mrs Brown’s boys), a minion, Dorothy (from the Wizard of Oz), a T-Bird and the Flash. I myself, with toy Chihuahua in tow, came dressed as Elle Woods from Legally Blonde. With this theme you can get as creative as you want or you can choose to blend in a bit more.  Great for a larger gathering too as you are very unlikely to get duplicate costumes.

TV and films fancy dress costumes

TV and films fancy dress costumes

The 80s

Being a child of the 80s and having lots of friends from the same generation, I have been invited to a number of parties where 80s has been the theme.  For a number of them I’ve put on my pink legwarmers and my oversized leopard print shirt and teamed this with frizzy hair and accessories purchased from Claire’s accessories. One of the first 80s parties I went to was a BBQ for a friend’s birthday, so more of an all day affair and in the summer. I decided I would dress as a Smurf. I know the Smurfs aren’t strictly 80s, but they were very popular when I was growing up and I think all my friends remember them from the 80s.  I spend a long time sponging on blue body paint to my face and arms, and had the sense to buy blue tights. Teaming the blue skin look with a white dress, white sandals and a white Smurf hat, I looked the part. One of the funniest moments was the looks we got driving over to the BBQ with Rainbow Brite, Madonna and David Hasslehoff (although I believe the 80s was more Knightrider than Mitch Buchannan).

The 80s themed fancy dress

The 80s themed fancy dress

Another suggestion if you don’t want to go all out on costumes is to throw a wig party, as one of my friends did for her 30th birthday celebration.  People can really make as much or as little effort as they like. I found it quite fun seeing what people would look like in the opposite shade and style to what I was used to seeing them as. A wig party is also great as everyone ends up swapping to try out each other’s looks.

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