Harry Potter in Concert


Harry Potter in Concert

I suppose there might be a time when you ask yourself ‘how many things can you do/see that involve something to do with Harry Potter’? For any Harry Potter fan, the answer is not enough. I was quite late to the Harry Potter party and I haven’t read all of the books, but I have seen all of the films. I’ve also been fortunate enough to do a number of Harry Potter related activities, including visiting the Warner Brother Studios and also taking a Muggle Tour. Both of which you can read about in the links above.

This Harry Potter experience was different again. This was Harry Potter in Concert at the Royal Albert Hall. If you’ve watched the films, you surely can’t help but notice the ever present score that runs throughout the film. Yes there’s the one melody that is famous the world over, but throughout the films, the music adds to the magic of the films, tells you whether there’s danger ahead or whether a character is being immensely brave. I urge you to imagine whether the film would be quite the same without the music. Of course it wouldn’t. Music and sound effects are what adds to the experience of film.

Harry Potter in Concert

Harry Potter in Concert is a series running at theatres around the UK. We went to the concert held at the Royal Albert Hall in London. The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra played the score to the very first film, The Philosopher’s Stone, whilst the film was projected on to a giant screen on stage.

Harry Potter in Concert

It was truly a wonderful experience. I found myself mesmerised by the beauty in the music, losing myself to watching the talented musicians play. It was so succinct that at other times I forgot that I was watching a live performance as it was just as I recall from the film.

I went with my sister, who is a big Harry Potter fan and she found the whole experience as magical as I did. I think it’s a beautiful concept and there literally wasn’t an empty seat in the whole theatre.

Harry Potter in Concert

We were so blown away by the whole experience, we booked tickets on the way home to the next instalment – The Chamber of Secrets. Knowing that we would have almost a whole year to wait. But we know it will be well worth the wait. If they do just one a year for each film, my sister and I will enjoy a special day out together for the next seven years to come. How lovely!

Are you a Harry Potter fan? What have you seen/done that’s related to the film? Does a live concert sound like it would be your cup of tea?

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  1. This sounds amazing! I would absolutely love to go to something like this, really big fan of Harry Potter . Glad you had fun xx #dreamteam

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