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How to Get Rid of Ants and Other Pests Naturally

Ants are attracted by sweet smells and enter our houses in search of food and water. Once they are in, they will continue coming back following the odour paths left previously.

There are a few thousand types of ants and most of the tips listed will work for majority of them. Use the method of “trial and error” to figure out the best way to eliminate these pests from your house. It is a good idea to use a few methods at once to maximise pest control.

Getting rid of ants is an unpleasant business. It is better to concentrate efforts on prevention of their raids. Natural pest removal works with the behaviour of the animal instead of just killing them with chemicals and poison which could be harmful to your family & the environment.

This concept applies to all kinds of pests big and small. There are companies which use this principle to get rid of mice, rats and even pigeons.

Focus on prevention

1. Clear out all the food attractions

If there is food left on the table, they will find it. Keep all the surfaces clean and your food in airtight containers while emptying rubbish bins daily.

Natural Pest Control

2. Draw a line

Ants will never cross a chalk line, it’s about the texture. Put a chalk border around your windows and wherever you think they might enter.

Ants also hate the smell of cinnamon, you can sprinkle it around the entry points and they will be repelled to come close.

3. Dust food grade diatomaceous earth into floor cracks. You can also use it around your plants, swap for fireplace ash, if you have it.

Get Rid of Ants Naturally

If the ants found their way into your house, it is time for action.

Simply killing them will not work. Ants leave a pheromone trail from their nests to wherever they go and even if you kill these ones, others will follow. The best solution is to get rid of that trail.

Begin with giving the area  a good soapy wash.

Then a strong essential oil can be used to mask the scent path. Choose between lemon, orange, tea tree or peppermint essential oils. You can wipe the ant entrance points with it every other day until they are gone.

Natural Pest Control

Clove essential oil contains Eugenol, a natural pesticide that kills small pests. Mix 15 drops of clove essential oil with 120ml  water and 120ml vodka. Spray the mixture into any any cracks or directly on ants. If you don’t have vodka lying around, replace it with vinegar, it will work just as well.

Mix food grade diatomaceous earth or baking soda with powdered sugar and put a thick layer wherever you’ve seen ants, they eat the mixture and bring it back to the colonies. Both diatomaceous earth and baking soda are fatal to ants while sugar attracts them. If you want a more extreme measure, find the colony and tip the diatomaceous earth directly onto the nest.

When the ants are gone, give your house a good vacuum and wash with soapy water.

If you try out any of the tips as pest control, please let me know how you get on! Good luck.

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