Our First Anniversary


Our First Anniversary

One whole year. One whole year of marriage. Doesn’t sound much when you think of all the people who’ve been married for 30, 40 or 50 years, but to us it’s a great start to what I hope will turn into those much bigger numbers.

Our first anniversary hasn’t been the typical anniversary. There’s been no flowers, no romantic meal out for two, that’s because we have bigger plans. We’re going away for a whole 8 days to celebrate. If you know me, or have been reading this for a while, you’ll know I love a holiday. So what better excuse than to book a break away, just my husband and me, than our first wedding anniversary?

As always with these things, it actually worked out better for us to fly on our anniversary. So we exchanged presents and little gifts the night before our anniversary and then turned in for an early night, knowing the next day we’d be battling the airport and all the kerfuffle that comes with that.

So much of our anniversary has been spent wandering through airports, hauling luggage and sitting on a 10 hour flight. And do you know what the funniest part is, we aren’t even sitting together on the plane! Our flight was fully booked so when I came to do the online check-in, there were only single seats left. How funny! So we’ve actually spent less time together on our first anniversary, than we would on a normal Sunday. But do you know what, it’s not about the one day, it’s about the time we spend overall, the memories we make every day. And to be honest, I’m sure my husband is glad of some peace and quiet, knowing that he’s spending the next 8 days solidly with me in the land of noise, Las Vegas.

The other side of it is, as we are flying to America, we’ll actually get 8 hours back, so our first anniversary technically will be 32 hours long, that’s very greedy! Whether we’ll stay awake until 12 midnight, which will be 8 am UK time after getting up at 6am the previous day, who knows. But no matter how many hours our eyes are open, the next 8 days will be fun.

I also thought I’d take the opportunity to share some of our wedding photos. We got married in a very old brewery, so our photos are a bit different to most that you see. It was a really fun day and suits our quirky nature to have a wedding venue that was a little bit different.

Our First Anniversary Our First Anniversary Our First Anniversary Our First Anniversary Our First Anniversary Our First Anniversary

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