Pad Thai, West Malling


Pad Thai, West Malling

I’m putting it out there. I love Thai curry. When made well, it’s literally one of the most delicious things you can put into your tummy. Pad Thai makes a wonderful Thai curry.

Pad Thai is aptly named as it is a Thai restaurant. It’s located in the heart of the wonderful village of West Malling, Kent. If you are ever nearby you should definitely book a table and sample what they have on their menu. If you aren’t nearby, you should find a reason to be nearby and then book a table.

The building is beautiful outside as well as in. Inside you’ll find tables laid with crisp linen ready to welcome you for your feast. Pad Thai is a firm favourite with my friends and I. We’ve been many times and literally never had a bad word to say about the food, the service or anything.

Pad Thai, West Malling

The restaurant is owned by a lovely lady called Manta, whose family worked in the Royal Thai kitchens. You can clearly see her passion in her food and her service. That’s why it’s such a popular restaurant.

I’m a little bit of a creature of habit when I go, which I really shouldn’t be, I know. But when the curries are so good, I can’t seem to pick anything else from the menu. I once had a Praew Warn Gai which is essentially a sweet and sour chicken, That style, it was delicious, but I need to get my Thai curry fix.

Last time we went, it was just one friend and I. Another friend was due to be meeting us, but her daughter sadly broke her arm earlier on in the day, so she had to cancel. We thought about not going, out of respect that our third friend could not come, but then the call of the curry got too much.

For starters I had the Satay Gai which is chicken skewers with peanut sauce. My friend had the Tord Mun Pla which were little fishcakes and sweet chilli dipping sauce. The starters were delivered promptly and we had no problems enjoying every last morsel on those plates. They were delicious.

Pad Thai, West Malling

Pad Thai, West Malling

Now on to the main event. I opted for the Thai Red Curry and my friend a portion of Pad Thai. If you’ve never had Pad Thai before, it’s a big plate of noodles, egg, beansprouts and your choice of prawn or chicken, finished with a tamarind sauce and crushed peanuts on the side. My friend is obsessed with Pad Thai and had been known to order an extra portion to take home, for her sister (yeah right!)

Pad Thai, West Malling

Pad Thai, West Malling

My curry lived up to expectation. It’s hot in the right places and creamy in others, the depth of flavour is unlike any other curry that I’ve tried. The red curry is a bit hotter than the green curry which is appealing to me. The curry has a multitude of veggies in it and again your choice of chicken or prawns.

Our meal came to just over £50 for the pair of us, including a couple of soft drinks and a tip. Money well spent I say. As I’m writing this, I’m starting to think through my schedule and wondering when can I go to Pad Thai again?

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  1. FOOD PORN! I love Thai food, like proper love it. I’ve now got a hankering for some! Thanks for sharing with #GlobalBlogging

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