The Perfect Instagram Accessories for Summer 2018


The Perfect Instagram Accessories for Summer 2018

Like it or not, social media is here to stay; with the average person spending around 2 hours browsing their accounts every day (and definitely more if you’re a blogger or social media influencer). So, it comes as no surprise that people have become obsessed with updating their profiles regularly and with the best content. With summer holidays to book, and warm weather to look forward to, there is no harm in thinking about how your Instagram feed will look this summer. Here are some of the poolside accessories that will get you the best Instagram shots, whilst remaining on-trend.

Cool Pool Floats
Instagram Accessories
Credit: Aleksandr Khmeliov/Shutterstock

Seen in many summer 2017 shots on Instagram, this fun trend will be here to stay in 2018. These floats are not only good for keeping you above the water level, but they make a great accessory. Retailers have seen a rise in demand for colourful inflatable pool floats, so there are an infinite amount of designs to choose from. If you want to really stand out this summer then why not try a bright pink inflatable flamingo, a very millennial inflatable avocado or even a giant doughnut water ring to keep you afloat whilst you sip sangria and take a selfie or two.

Underwater Camera
Instagram Accessories
Credit: GRSI/Shutterstock

Taking pictures on the beach or by the pool is just too obvious these days. If you want your IG feed to stand out and impress your followers, invest in an underwater camera. This will not only help you document the beautiful memories but you can also take pictures that even the little mermaid would be jealous of.

Patterned Beach Towel

So, you’ve just got out of the water and the salty sea has given you perfect beach waves- it is the perfect time to take a picture that will break the internet (or at least your Instagram feed). You lay down on your beach towel, the sun is hitting you in all the right places, but that boring, white towel (which is probably older than you) is ruining your perfect picture! Get a towel that accents the colours you like to use in your Instagram feed, and make it a feature! The devil is in the detail, and you could be one towel away from getting more followers…!

Head Accessories
Instagram Accessories
Credit: sanneberg/Shutterstock

Summer hats will be a major trend in 2018, so be prepared. You can choose an oversized hat, a fedora or even a headband, as long as it suits your face-shape (and matches your bathing suit!) You want each item of clothing and accessory you wear to complement each other. We suggest you stay away from heavy jewellery as it can be very uncomfortable to wear during hot summer days, finer, more dainty jewellery is set to be a 2018 trend anyway.

Instagram Accessories
Credit: Dean Drobot/Shutterstock

The most important advice in achieving the perfect Instagram shot, or just in general, is to be yourself. Don’t try to act or look different than yourself to get validation on social media. Who you are is enough and this confidence will shine through, and if some people don’t like it, then you don’t need their likes and approval anyway. You do you, girl.

Feature Image Credit: Dima Sidelnikov/Shutterstock

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