Quad Biking in Bali


Quad Biking in Bali

When I was planning our honeymoon, I came up with a number of different options of things we could do whilst we were in Bali. My husband and I like a bit of adrenaline and so thought our activities should venture out of what is the expected norm on this island and do something a bit more unusual. Enter quad biking in Bali.

We had got chatting to our airport transfer driver when we arrived in Bali and he said he offered a private shuttle service if we wished to go around and see a bit more of Bali, including taking in some other activities. We thought this seemed like a really good idea, especially as neither of us fancied travelling around Bali on the infamous motorbike.

So we booked ourselves a day with our guide and he said he would take us around the island including the activities we wished to do. If you came by a few weeks ago, you probably saw my post on Bali Swing. If not, take a read and have a look at the pictures. It was absolutely amazing.

On our day trip out, we’d asked to be taken to somewhere that offered quad biking in Bali. There was a private estate nearby to where we were staying in Ubud, which was home to Kuber Bali Adventure. It was just a 10 minute drive from our resort.

The Kuber Bali Adventure not only offer a quad biking experience, you can also do rafting. But that wasn’t what we wanted to do, so we just booked the quad biking.

On arrival, it was looking pretty grey and cloudy, so I was glad that we had invested in some waterproof jackets before we left the UK. The venue also gave us welly boots and a helmet. The welly boots were a sign of things to come!

Quad Biking in Bali

With my phone tucked firmly in my waterproof pocket, we were invited to hop on to our quad bikes for a quick briefing on operating them and then we were off.

The quad biking experience lasted around an hour and a half with a short stop off at the top for a drink. The route take you through some amazing sights in the forest. It was truly breath-taking. It’s quite hard to describe how beautiful it was racing through the private terrain of this amazing estate.

The course took us past a waterfall which we stopped in front and our leader took some photos of us. You can’t tell from the picture but I was getting very wet – to the point that I had to keep my waterproof jacket tied round my waste afterwards as it looked like I’d had an accident!

Quad Biking in Bali

There was also a purpose built tunnel which was amazing to take your quad bike through.

The ups and downs of the course were both exhilarating and terrifying. Some parts were so steep, that we had to put out quad bikes nose to tail and take it easy so we didn’t bump each other off the edge. The guides were there, right on the steep edges just in case the worst was to happen and they would whip you off your bike. It definitely wasn’t for the faint-hearted!

As experiences go, this was one of the best I’ve enjoyed. It was challenging and the scenery was amazing. I would highly recommend this to anyone in or around the Ubud area of Bali.

Cost-wise, it was around £85 for the pair of us and included a light lunch. Great value. The venue is well equipped with clean modern toilets and lockers to put your bag into. I would highly recommend taking a change of clothes as when you return, they invite you to drive into their water feature where you can race your quad bike around in the muddy water for a bit.

Quad Biking in Bali

Have you been quad biking before? Would you face steep climbs and drops and go quad biking in Bali or is that a step too far?

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