Rocky Road Ice Cream


Rocky Road Ice Cream

Serves 6

Rocky road ice cream is one of the ultimate indulgent desserts. This version is heavy on the chocolate and packed full of nuts, fruit and marshmallows. You can dial up or down the add ins to your liking, it’s a really flexible recipe.

The version I have below is designed for those without an ice cream maker, but you can make the mixture below and then add it to the ice cream makers, as per your machine’s instructions.


250ml whipping cream
1 ½ tbsp. cocoa powder
100g chocolate
125ml whole milk
75g caster sugar
3 egg yolks
35g mini marshmallows
50g dried fruit
50g blanched almonds


Add the cocoa powder and half of the whipping cream to a saucepan and whisk, whilst bringing to the boil.

Rocky Road Ice Cream

Then turn down the heat and simmer for 1 minute, whilst continuing to whisk.

Pour the hot cream and cocoa mixture into a bowl and add the chopped chocolate.

Stir to dissolve the chocolate in the mixture and once dissolved, add the remainder of the cream.

Rocky Road Ice Cream

In a separate bowl, whisk together the egg yolks.

Put the whole milk and sugar into a saucepan and on a low heat, whisk these together.

Slowly add the egg yolks to the milk and sugar mixture – keep whisking.

Rocky Road Ice Cream

Increase the temperature to a medium heat and switch your whisk to a spatula or spoon. Stir the mixture constantly until it thickens to consistency similar to a runny melted chocolate.

Once thickened, add the milk, sugar and egg mixture to the chocolate mixture and stir until cool. I put my bowl in a roasting tin of ice cold water as I was cooling it.

Allow to chill for about an hour in the fridge.

After an hour (or until the mixture is completely cool), pour the mixture into a container suitable for the freezer and close the lid.

For the next 4 hours, remove once an hour and stir with a fork.

After 4 hours, stir in the marshmallows, fruit and nuts and allow to set. I leave mine overnight and then the next day, you have wonderful rocky road ice cream.

Rocky Road Ice Cream

I hope you enjoy this recipe. The results should produce a wonderfully creamy, chocolatey, fruity and nutty ice cream.

Rocky Road Ice Cream

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Rocky Road Ice Cream Recipe by Life Loving Blog


38 thoughts on “Rocky Road Ice Cream

    • Sally Sally says:

      I’m glad you liked it Dee Anne. We scoffed it down pretty quickly here, I’ll need make another batch soon!

    • Sally Sally says:

      Ha ha. I don’t blame you, rocky road and ice cream in a single combination didn’t last long in our house either.

  1. Avatar Tanya Bryant says:

    I so have to make this with my nephews, they look very yummy, thanks for sharing the recepie

    • Sally Sally says:

      It was such a lovely chocolatey ice cream. Many chocolate ones taste synthetic, but this one doesn’t. I suppose it must be because it uses real chocolate.

  2. Oooo yummy! This looks so good. I tried to make ice cream once & it turned out inedible. This sounds easy enough. It’s a huge coincidence because we made rocky road tonight for our son’s birthday party on Tuesday. Next time I’ll try the ice cream! Thanks so much for joining us at #bloggerclubuk x

    • Sally Sally says:

      It’s actually quite a simple process, the trick is to keep disturbing the ice crystals as it is setting. Oooh that sounds nice. I hope he had a lovely birthday Becky.

  3. Wow, I will have to try to make this version! I don’t have an ice cream maker, so perfect!! In this house we love ice cream! Especially chocolate ice cream!!

    • Sally Sally says:

      Yes give it a go Katrin. I’ve never made ice cream in an ice cream maker, but I think this works as well as if it did. No difference in taste or texture.

    • Sally Sally says:

      Sounds like I should pack you up a little box and post it immediately Laura. Oh wait, hmm I don’t think it’ll post that well 🙂

    • Sally Sally says:

      Me too, rocky road is one of my absolutely favourites Laura. Although I love it with a twist with cherries in it.

    • Sally Sally says:

      It is isn’t it Mackenzie. Much better than anything shop bought. Really tastes of creaminess goodness and not added preservatives and flavours.

  4. Amazing, I don’t like ice cream (I know, weird) but my hubby has been going on about making himself some for ages. I will have to show him your recipe xx #mg

  5. Avatar Deborah says:

    Homemade icecream is amazing and such fun to try new flavours and add different things like meringue, honeycombe etc
    RT’d on Twitter @dartzie62

    • Sally Sally says:

      It is isn’t it Deborah. I’m going to experiment with some different flavours. I bet honeycomb is lovely.

  6. Avatar Kayleigh-Anne Watkins says:

    I have to save your recipe, I used to buy chicago town rocky road ice cream from Iceland which was divine a few years ago, but only limited edition, and I havent seen it since xXx

    • Sally Sally says:

      You’re right Kayleigh. It’s really hard to find rocky road ice cream. It was one of the reasons I decided to make it. It is much nicer than shop bought. Hope you enjoy it if you try it

  7. Avatar Kayleigh-Anne Watkins says:

    I have signed up and liked and shared, fingers crossed, thank you very much for the chance to win, wishing you a very Happy Easter xXx

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