Should You Extend or Should You Move?


Should You Extend or Should You Move?

I expect this is a question that crossed the lips of most homeowners at some point. You buy your lovely house feeling like it’s going to offer oodles of space and then after you’ve lived there a couple of years or perhaps after you’ve added a child or two, you suddenly realise that your house isn’t as big as you first thought.

We have a decent sized house with lots of room to accommodate our growing family but many of our rooms are quite small so we tend to fill them quite quickly. We’ve spent the last 2 ½ years going through, room by room, doing the house up to our taste and needs so the choice between moving and expanding would be an easy one for us. We would just expand our current property.

Here’s what I would do in my ideal world. Our entrance hall is quite small and with a baby on the way, I’m not quite sure where we are going to store our pram. I’d love to put a big porch on the front, that way we can put the pram in there. It doesn’t then need to bring the wet and mud on its wheels into the house and we can also store coats and shoes in the porch. We also have an external letterbox, which leaks when it rains. So I’d put a front door on that could have a letter box added to it, so we’d get nice dry letters.

I’d also like to add a utility room. I don’t mind that our washing machine is in the kitchen. In fact it’s quite handy as you never forget about the washing that’s just finished. But I absolutely hate looking at washing that’s drying. It’s okay at the moment as we have a couple of airers which we pop in the little bedroom, but once the baby comes this will become the nursery. Then the washing will have to go into the guest room. And then where will I put it when we have guests? I’d love a nice, warm utility room where I can hang out my washing and it be hidden away from my eyes.

Should You Extend or Should You Move?

The other option to expand our space is a loft conversion. A couple of my friends have had these done and they look brilliant. Most have built one or two bedrooms in the loft space with a bathroom or en-suite. This is perfect either as a master bedroom or if you want to have a guest room. It’s also ideal for older children who may want their space. A loft conversion is a much cheaper option than selling your house and buying a bigger one, not only because the step up to a house with an extra bedroom can be quite sizeable, but also because you have to pay the solicitors, the moving company and the dreaded stamp duty. All in all, it works out a lot cheaper and a lot less hassle, so why not have a look for a loft conversion company and see if you can achieve your dream home?

Should You Extend or Should You Move?

The other area I would choose to expand is our dining room. I love our dining room. It’s off our kitchen and has these great bifold doors which bring lots of light into the room. We’ve got a gorgeous dresser and an eight-seater dining table, so lots of seats for entertaining at dinner time. But once you get everyone in and seated, it’s a bit cosy. And if you wanted to squeeze a couple more people around the table. Forget it! I’d love to be able to expand our dining room so that we could have a bit more space around the dining table and maybe even have both sides of the family round at once. One day eh!

Here’s what I’d do to extend our home. What would you do if you could? Should you extend or should you move?

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6 thoughts on “Should You Extend or Should You Move?

  1. This question has definitely been asked in our house lately. With the uncertainty of Brexit and the stress of moving we have been considering getting an extension instead. My sister has had a loft conversion but our home isn’t suitable 🙁

    • Sally Sally says:

      I think an extension is a really good idea. It can really only add value to a house without all the stress of moving!

  2. I am a fan of extending. We still have lots of potential in our home but my husband is all for moving. I would have to move out if we were to extend and I can’t imagine living anywhere but my own home. So I’m very torn x #AnythingGoes

    • Sally Sally says:

      It really is a tough decision, especially if you need to move out whilst renovations are being done Rosie. Hope whatever you decide goes well.

  3. we spent 2 years saving and deciding what to do to improve our living conditions and had a loft and garage conversion, within 2 years of completion, 2 of the kids moved out and 2 years later we did also

    • Sally Sally says:

      Oh blimey, that sounds like a lot of work. Although I bet it added a lot of value to your house when you moved.

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