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When we were in London a couple of weeks ago, we decided we would go for a meal. Fancying Turkish food, we did a quick Google and found a highly recommended restaurant nearby called Tas. On closer inspection, it turns out that the Tas restaurant we were heading to was part of a bigger group of 20 Tas restaurants all promising authentic and freshly cooked Turkish food.

The Tas we chose to visit was the Tas Bloomsbury, located just 5 – 10 mins walk from the Tottenham Court Road and Covent Garden tube stations.

Tas Restaurant

On arrival, we were greeted warmly and offered a table. It was quite early for dinner. Only 5pm or so, so it was a good sign that there were already a number of diners in the restaurant.

Tas Restaurant

We were offered menus and a drinks order was taken. Mine a lemonade and my husband’s a Turkish beer.

As the drinks were brought over, we were also given a small bowl of olives, a basket of bread and what I assume was some cacik (yoghurt with cucumber and garlic).

Deciding against a starter as it was quite early for dinner, we both ordered the Iskender. This is one of our favourite Turkish dishes. If you’ve never had it, its grilled meat on a bed of cubed Turkish bread, known as pide, served with yoghurt and tomato sauce. Often served with salad, but not in this case.

The dishes arrived and they were quite sizeable, so we were glad we didn’t order a starter. The meat served in this dish was chicken and lamb and they were both tasty and grilled to perfection. The dish was truly delicious! The combination of the grilled meat against the yoghurt was heavenly.

Tas Restaurant

The bill for the two dishes and drinks came to £43. The only negative to our experience is we weren’t offered to add a tip, it was included in our bill and already programmed into the card machine when we went to pay. I was very happy with the food and service so naturally would have left a good tip, but this should not be assumed. Also, my husband and I always like to leave a cash tip. We feel generally that there is more chance of cash tips being shared amongst the staff than if these are paid on cards. I would highly recommend the Tas restaurant we went to and will be looking out for other branches across London when we are visiting.

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8 thoughts on “Tas Restaurant

  1. Yum! Tas looks like they serve up a great Turkish menu. It’s a shame the tip was already programmed in, but quite a lot of the restaurants do this now. – I’m like you, preferring to leave a cash tip. I’ve not seen this chain around before. Thanks for joining us for the #dreamteam

    • Sally Sally says:

      Yeah I didn’t realise it was in a group. I suppose in the grand scheme of chains, it’s quite small, having only 20.

  2. Sounds like lovely food. Know what you mean about the obligatory added tip. Yes, it’s a bit cheeky, but I’ve found that whenever I’ve visited restaurants in London they tend to do this. Thank you for sharing #GlobalBlogging

    • Sally Sally says:

      Yeah it’s happened a few times. Glad it’s not just me Jo. It’s all well and good if the food and service is good, but sometimes it’s not!

  3. Avatar Annabel says:

    We’ve been to one of these restaurants and it was really good. I didn’t know there were so many though.

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