Singapore Toy Museum


Singapore Toy Museum

I’ll start by saying I’m not quite sure how I feel about the Singapore Toy Museum. We paid a visit on our last afternoon of our honeymoon prior to flying back to the UK. The Singapore Toy Museum is located right near Raffles Hotel, it’s also known as the Mint Museum of Toys. We probably wouldn’t have known about it, had it not been on the same road as the hotel we were staying. But we kept walking past and wondering whether it was worth a visit or not.

Eventually we decided to and we were presented with six individually themed floors full of toys from different genres and eras. The rooftop is filled with enamel signs, the fifth floor is outer space, the fourth, characters. If you travel down to the third, this is the childhood favourites. Second floor is collectables and finally the basement is again enamel signs.

Singapore Toy Museum   Singapore Toy MuseumSingapore Toy Museum

The Mint Museum of Toys started out as a private collection and there’s quite an array of not only genuine toys but also some really rare replicas. Some of the most interesting pieces were the Asian toys that had a story behind them. There were dolls made by those that had been rescued from a life of enslavement and who made the dolls as a way of supporting themselves. They were beautifully hand-crafted and they were amazing to see.

Singapore Toy Museum

The collection is well presented and there’s so much there to see. A lot of the toys were not from our era so I think perhaps an older visitor might find this collection more to their taste. But overall I think it was an interesting exhibition. What amazed me was the overall amount of items. This was someone’s personal collection that got seriously out of hand! Fascinating and lovely to see that someone is so passionate about preserving all these items that children today will probably never appreciate.

Entry is $15 for adults (just over £8) and $7.50 for children (just over £4). Although personally I think most kids would be a little bored here. I think this is a grown up collection. The Toy Museum in located in Seah Street.

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