Space Saving Bike Racks


Space Saving Bike Racks

Your bike may be a prized possession, your best fitness regimen, your only mode of transportation or even all of the above. My husband and I like cycling and I’ve recently just bought a new bike, so where to store it is a key question.

Bike Storage

Keeping a bike safe and sound can be a challenge if you live in a small flat. Fortunately, I’ve come across some space saving bike racks from Barriers Direct which are perfect for those who live in small spaces, they also solve the security issues at the same time.

Gravity Defying
Perfect for renters who aren’t allowed to drill holes in their walls, the two bike gravity stand requires no installation at all and easily assembles with the right tools and clear instructions included in the box.

Bike Storage

The stand can hold two bikes at a time (up to 36 kg or 80 lbs), leans against the wall and is fully adjustable to any bike. The sleek silver finish and art-deco style looks great with any décor and is often a conversation piece, as it is almost a work of art. The stand also protects walls and floor with rubber bumpers all around.

Dual Touch
This lightweight aluminium tube-style bike stand comes with two mounts, but can display up to four bikes at a time. Let’s face it; you ride, your house mates rides, your friends all ride, but your apartment is small. Look no further than this rack that gets everyone’s bikes up and out of the way.

Bike Storage

There is a non-slip bottom for security, with a quick-release mechanism for height and angle adjustment. The structure extends up to 320 cm (18 feet) or 355 cm if you go for the optional extender meant for high ceilings. The mounting arm uses two hooks that gently, yet firmly, hold the bike’s frame, balancing it perfectly along the rail arm of the stand. The whole system is quick-release so you can be out and on your way for a bike ride in no time.

Vertical Wall Mount
Ideal for small spaces, the vertical wall-mount bike holder is perfect for homes or flats that are short on floor space. Install the vertical wall-mount bike holder at any height for bicycles of any size, including children’s bikes.

Bike Storage

Protected by a soft plastic sleeve, the hold arm securely locks between the bike’s spokes, keeping the pressure on the wheel instead. A version featuring lockable security eyelets is available for use in common areas.

Funky and Industrial
Turn your bike into a work of art with the bike ceiling hoist. Easy to use and capable of holding up to 22.6 kilograms (50 lbs), this clever pulley system does the lifting and lowering for you, easily getting your bike up and out of the way. Worry-free locking mechanism prevents accidental release of your bike or other object you want up and out of the way.

Bike Storage

Simple mounting instructions are included to secure the bike ceiling hoist, plus all mounting hardware and full instructions arrive with the packaging as well. Even if you get rid of your bike, this pulley-driven storage system can elevate kayaks, ladders, anything that needs to be off the floor to provide more space.

The struggle is real for those that need to provide secure storage for their bikes, but the selection above guarantees that you will find the perfect storage solution for your budget.

Do not put off securing your bike from theft or harsh winter weather another day. A space saving bike rack is great as a gift for a special someone or a bike-riding friend.

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Disclosure: This is a collaborative post with Barriers Direct

4 thoughts on “Space Saving Bike Racks

  1. How cool are those bike racks! I especially love the one you can hoist up into the air. Ours are currently stored wherever theres a vacant space which isn’t ideal. I’ll have to show your post to Mr Button 😉 Thank you for joining us for the #dreamteam

    • Sally Sally says:

      Thanks Annette. Yes they are great for finding some creative storage. Bikes always take up a lot of space.

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