Summer Car Care


Summer Car Care

Everyone thinks you need to worry about car care in the winter months, but you should be checking your car in the hot weather too. As the UK’s heatwave continues into another week, there’s a few things you should be checking on your car on a regular basis as part of your summer car care.

Wiper blades
You’ll need these as much in the summer months as in winter. Bugs and insects need washing away. Also you’ll need to keep a clear screen to be able to see when the bright sun is low at the end of the day.

Your summer driving habits can contribute to shorter battery life. Regular shorter journeys can mean more on/off cycles. This will cause more wear on the starter than a simple journey to work. Excessive demands on batteries such as air-conditioning can also affect the performance of your battery. If you are in London and find that you need a new car battery, check out DAT Tyres.

Summer Car Care

Cooling fan
This is super important in the summer months. You can check it’s working by running the engine until it’s up to temperature, and then listening out for the cooling fan to come on.

Other important things to remember is to always carry some bottled water and a charged mobile phone with on you a long journey. That way you’ll always be prepared no matter what the journey throws your way.

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