Wedding Collage


Wedding Collage

I’ve always liked the idea of having personalised items at our wedding. I have flashes of creativity but not always the time to see these ideas through, but our wedding was one of those events that I just had to make time to do.

I’m a bit of a fan of a word cloud. I use them at work to demonstrate reports graphically and thought this might be a fun way to make all our guests feel even more welcome on our big day.

There’s plenty of word cloud generators out there. My personal favourite is which allows you to add the words (or names) and then produce the output into your desired shape and colour scheme.

I added all of the first names of our guests to the word list and asked the cloud generator to shape these into a heart for me. You can choose your font, your colour scheme as well as choosing how big you want your output and what format. It’s really easy to play around with.

Once I had perfected my word cloud, it was as easy as saving it to my computer and printing it on a piece of A3 paper, trimming it and mounting it in the frame I had purchased.

Here’s my wedding collage word cloud…

Wedding Collage

A couple of things to note.

When I added all of my guests’ names, there were some guests with the same name. Rather than repeating these on my word cloud, it make those names twice as big. So I ended up taking out the second repetition of those names.

You can choose to put a mask around the shape for more definition if it’s not quite clear what your shape it.

I had a lot of fun generating my guests’ wedding collage word cloud. What do you think of it? Can you think of some uses for word clouds?

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