What We Are Watching – April 2019


What We Are Watching – April 2019

My last post about this topic sparked a good conversation on the socials about what everyone else is watching, so I thought it might be nice to do another piece.

I’m keen to see your recommendations on what’s good to watch live and stream at the moment.

It’s really hard to stream to your TV or mobile if you haven’t got good broadband. If you are a bit out in the sticks like us, it’s really important to look into your options. When we first moved out here, our broadband was really slow and it took about an hour to download an hour long show. We soon upgraded to a high speed fibre option.

Now we can stream all the shows we want!

The Umbrella Academy

This is one that’s been recommended to my husbands and we’ve just started watching it. The premise is around a family of children who have all grown up with superpowers but over the years have grown apart. The series is quite quirky and it’s a bit slow to get started – they spend a long time introducing the characters, but now it’s got going I’m really enjoying it.

Young Sheldon

I mentioned this in my last post. I love this series and there’s thankfully a new one. It’s still charming, funny and sweet and I’m so sad that each episode is only ½ an hour long. If you haven’t seen it, it’s the childhood story of Sheldon from The Big Bang. The characters are brilliantly written – funny and loveable. You should definitely check it out.

The Race Across The World

If you haven’t caught this yet, you must watch it on catch up. This is where five couples are pitted against each other to travel to Singapore on a really small budget. It’s a great programme as it shows some magical highlights of some places that a lot of people have never been or never even heard much about. I’ve loved watching the teams race to get from one checkpoint to the next and I can’t wait for the next series.

What We Are Watching

Game of Thrones

I’m sure I’m not alone here, but I bet most of the UK population is waiting for this to start on Monday morning. How excited we all are to see the final season. It’s going to be six feature-length episodes and they will be aired at 2am, so perfect to watch on catch up or to record and watch as soon as you get home from work. I know my colleagues and I are super excited about this.

F1 – 2019 Season

I love the F1 and the new season hasn’t disappointed so far. We’re a couple of races in and I’m enjoying watching the coverage on the Sky F1 channel. It looks like this season will be closely fought between two, maybe three teams, so it promises to be an exciting challenge of man and machine vs different man vs machine. I get excited every race weekend.

It’s super important to have topnotch broadband when you are streaming to your TV. You can compare ee broadband online and check you are getting the best deal. With broadband being such a key utility these days, particularly with more and more people working from home or doing side hustles, it’s in your best interest to have a shop around and check that you are getting the fastest speeds at the best prices.

What are you watching on TV at the moment? I’d love to hear your suggestions for great shows to catch up with.

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