Artichoke Dip Recipe


Artichoke dip recipe

Serves 4 as a starter (or more as a party sharer)

Artichoke Dip Recipe

This artichoke dip is really quick and simple to make and tastes delicious. It’s great as a sharing starter at a dinner party but also would be ideal as part of a warm buffet. We sometimes knock this up as a treat for lunch. It’s a good way of getting those ever important veggies in your diet and if you use low-fat cheese, it makes it not too calorific for lunchtime.


1 tin (240g drained weight) of artichoke hearts
180g cream cheese
½ tsp lazy chillies


Drain the artichoke hearts and add to a food processor.

Add the cream cheese and the chillies and blend until you get a porridge type consistency.

Artichoke Dip Recipe

Transfer to an oven proof dish

Artichoke Dip Recipe

Bake uncovered for around 15 minutes until the top is very lightly browned. 180 degrees (or 170 if you are using a fan oven) should do it.

Transfer it to a serving dish and enjoy.

I serve my dip with crudités (sliced peppers, cucumber, whatever you prefer) and toasted sliced pitta breads. I prefer the square wholemeal ones. They work better for dipping.

Artichoke Dip Recipe

I have tried this recipe using a combination of cream cheese and parmesan, that makes it extra-goey and the flavour a lot more intense. I have heard of other people using just parmesan, but I think that would be too firm. There’s also a three cheese version, using mozzarella, cream cheese and parmesan which sounds nice.  I would experiment. We’ve tried the recipe using different chillies. The habanero one was unsurprisingly very hot. The jalapeno one didn’t really float my boat and when I made it without any chillies at all, it was a bit too creamy and a bit rich – it needed the chilli.

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8 thoughts on “Artichoke Dip Recipe

  1. Sally, I’ve made a ton of artichoke dip, it’s one of our staples in the catering business, we chop it all by hand. #10 cans of artichokes is a lot of chopping! LOL Yours sounds much better for at home, I can’t change the catered one, but I sure wouldn’t want to make it at home, I’ve made it too many times at work. And i love the idea of green chilies, I so want to try that! We do add Parmesan to the dip and a bit of Gruyere to the top, it browns nicely.

    Thanks for the alternative recipe, this sounds right up my alley!!!

    • Sally Sally says:

      Oh wow! Chopping by hand, that must give you an ache in your poor hands. Yes, we add chillies to almost everything, just to try. I’ve tried the parmesan version and it’s delicious. We just swapped it for low-fat cream cheese to make it healthier, but I would definitely have the parmesan version again and adding gruyere to the top – heaven. Gruyere cheese is one of the reasons I really want to visit Switzerland (that and Lindt chocolate – yum!)

    • Sally Sally says:

      It really is Sara. I used to struggle getting artichokes, only getting them in Waitrose, but they are no available in Tesco (and other places I’m sure).

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