Austin – Month 3


Austin – Month 3

Austin has hit the 3-month milestone. And he’s had a much better month than last time around. He’s been given the all-clear from the doctors and the hospital. There are no on-going issues that we need to be worried about and he seems to be getting along great. He’s developing a great little personality and most of the time he’s a joy to be around. He’s also a lot more contented so I can get on and do things like washing up, sterilising and even eat a sandwich without having to juggle a baby each time.

Austin Month 3


He’s been sleeping so much better. We worked hard to get him back to sleeping through the night after his period of disturbance. We now put him down for about 7pm and he generally falls asleep within 5 – 10 mins at most. Sometimes he goes straight down, sometimes he needs his dummy popped back in and a tummy rub but we don’t hold him until he falls asleep, he can self-settle. He then sleeps through until I wake him for a feed at 10 – 11pm. I will then put him back in bed at which point he’ll sleep through until 5am – 6:30ish. Some nights he will wake up at around 3 – 4 am and will fuss a little. He does generally go back off to sleep.

We’ve introduced a sleepyhead into his bedside cot. He was waking up at about 1am and wouldn’t go back to sleep unless he was being cuddled, so I think it’s a comfort thing. Having the sleepyhead has made him feel more secure and he’s a lot more settled with it.

In terms of sleeping routines, he’s doing the following –

Bedtime – 7pm
Wake up – 6am (ish)
1st morning nap – 8:30am (30 mins)
2nd morning nap – 10:30am (45 mins)
1st afternoon nap – 1pm (45 mins to 2 hours)
2nd afternoon nap – 4pm (30 mins)

If he has a long first afternoon nap, he will generally last until bedtime, but if not, he normally has a catnap sometime between 4pm and 5pm. I don’t let him sleep past 5pm, otherwise, I worry he won’t go to sleep at bedtime.


I’ve finished breastfeeding Austin. I’ve moved on to purely formula feeding him. He gets six 6oz bottles a day. We are using Hipp Organic formula. Some days he’s more hungry, one of the days we were on holiday he was so hungry, he had 8 bottles in a day and other days he’s not as fussed and won’t finish the bottle.

Austin Month 3

He’s very hit and miss on whether he’ll drink the 10 – 11pm bottle fully, to the point that I might be brave enough to think about dropping that feed in another month or so. We’ve moved on to size 2 teats, but he’s really dribbly with them, so we are going through bibs like crazy when feeding him.


Nappy changing like there’s no tomorrow is a thing of the past. It must have been the urine infection that was making him so fussy with nappies. He’s great with nappies now and I don’t have to change him every time he has had a small wee. We were using Sainsbury’s Little Ones when he was in size ones, but now he’s in size twos, the Sainsburys ones are a bit too big and we’ve had a few overnight leaks, so we’ve switched to Pampers which are great. They don’t leak overnight. He goes from 7pm to 7am in the same nappy. It’s a lot more stress-free going out now as I now know that I won’t need to change nappies several times in just a couple of hours.

Austin Month 3

Mental Development

He still giving lots of bit beamy smiles, especially in the morning. He loves it when people sing to him, so I’m going to book us a session of musical and singing classes. He does seem to have a good attention span, maybe letting me entertain him with the same thing for about 30 – 40 minutes but he’s very adamant when he’s had enough and he’s bored. He lets out loud grunts when he wants to do something else.

Austin Month 3

We’ve started reading books together and he really likes this at the end of the day. I think he finds it a good way to wind down. One of my friends gave us tonnes of kids storybooks, so we work our way through a couple of these each day.

Physical Development

His rapid growth seems to have calmed down – thank goodness. It’s allayed my fears that he would grow out of his pram within the month. He seems to be filling out more than getting longer, which is great.

He’s working hard on getting the hang of grasping things, he’s not perfected this yet and only holds on to things for a short time. It must be a bit frustrating for him as he often drops things I know he wants.

He’s also started gnawing at his hands and dribbling a lot, so I guess the process of teething has started. There do seem to be two white bumps either side of the front of his mouth. I’ve got him some teething toys but he can’t hold on to them for long, so it’s a parent-child activity. He’s got a strong neck and is coming along really well on his tummy time, but he doesn’t enjoy it nearly as much as he did when he was younger. He starts grunting and shouting after just a couple of minutes. We’ve been doing a baby massage course at the local village hall and he wasn’t very happy about being laid on his tummy to have his back massaged. But he loved the chest, arm and leg rubs. He is now self-supporting his head when he is held upright.

Austin Month 3

Stay tuned for further developments and updates.

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6 thoughts on “Austin – Month 3

  1. He is growing beautifully. The afternoon nap time is always the longest – hope that you are catching a few winks during that time as well. Treasure these sweet moments with your baby as they grow so quickly #Globalblogging

  2. Blimey he likes to sleep. I can’t even remember the days when my 3 would have naps and they certainly didn’t have that many! Austin is such a cutie, you must be so proud. Thanks for linking up with #globalblogging

  3. Beautiful baby. I am a little in awe at your great mothering. My oldest is now 18 and living overseas and I am still trying to do the good mum bit and all too often failing miserably. I love how you are caring for him so well and that health is improving too #AnythingGoes

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