Transform Your Work Commute


How to Transform your Work Commute

Tired of having to drive into work each day? If so, you’re unlikely to be alone — many of us long for a cheaper, easier travel alternative. But very often, we don’t have the time to find the best one for us. Worry no more! You can transform your daily commute by following our top tips.

Set a Spending Limit
How much do you currently spend on getting to work? Does it match how much you want to be paying? If not, it’s time to make a change. Very often, the best way to begin is with a budget. Firstly, you’ll need to establish your preferred rate — and then, it’s time to pinpoint the quickest, most cost-effective option for you. And fortunately, this is easy to do — a lot of the time, it’s a matter of whether there are the right facilities at home, at work and to and from the two places (say, for example, whether it’s safe to cycle to work). Once you’ve identified the ideal journey for you, you’ll have a much clearer idea of how high to set your improved budget. Let’s get started…

Be Public Transport Savvy
Arguably the easiest alternative to driving, public transport needn’t be expensive — so long as you know when exactly to buy tickets. You’ll no doubt have heard of travel and discount cards; but are you aware of other saving tricks for riding the bus or rails? Did you know that some bus cards permit reduced fares both within and outside of regional areas, while others don’t, for example? Or how about that you could be better off buying single tickets? Though they should, return tickets don’t always deliver the best deal.

So, before you book, it’s important to quickly calculate which type of journey is the most affordable. This can be particularly worthwhile for commuters, as railcard discounts usually don’t apply to travel taking place before 10am. Apply this saving trick, and you’ll at least be able to save money on the second leg of your daily commute.

Explore other options
Want to avoid public transport on your way to work? Well, good news! You can. How about sharing a car with a colleague who lives nearby? If you alternate the days where you give each other lifts, you could cut the cost of your daily commute significantly. Extend the carpool to other colleagues within your area, and you’ll be able to further reduce the price of your journey.

Alternatively, you could always cycle to work. Thanks to government health initiatives, employers are typically keen to encourage staff to exercise and maintain their wellbeing. So, it’s likely that your workplace will offer secure storage facilities for your bike and equipment.

Very often, it’s as simple as asking your HR department or reception staff within your building to find out more. If you want to cycle, but aren’t sure about biking all the way to work, why not go by public transport for some of the journey?

Getting to work doesn’t have to be costly. Consider your options, and you’ll be able to enjoy an affordable commute, allowing you to spend more of your earnings on what really matters to you.

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