Blackout, Las Vegas


Blackout, Las Vegas

I’ve always wanted to experience a restaurant where you dine in the dark. It might be a strange idea to a lot of people but I’m a real foodie and I think it would be something really fun and interesting to do.

After a bit of research, I found there was a place in Las Vegas that offered this. It was called Blackout – Dining in the Dark. It was only a few minutes’ drive away from our hotel and it looked perfect for this experience.

Blackout, Las Vegas

On arrival, we were met by the very friendly team there. They showed us where the lockers were that we could store our belongings in. That included phones and watches. Anything that would emit light. I popped everything in there. I didn’t need my bag during dinner. We then washed our hands (some of the courses are eaten with fingers) and chose drinks from the drinks menu before our waiter took us to the table. He took in a conga line to our table which was a great idea!

Blackout, Las Vegas

On seating us at our table he explained how the table was laid. I was amazed that we had real glass water glasses!

Our waiter left to go and get our first course. We had chosen the six-course tasting menu. Whilst we were waiting we were thinking our eyes would adjust. But no it was absolutely pitch back and there was no light at all. The whole way through we couldn’t see anything.

Listening to the other diners, everyone was chatting and laughing (sometimes it seemed a bit nervously). Everyone was having a great time. It was a fantastic experience, as people were freely making conversation. No escaping on your phone in this restaurant.

Our waiter looked after us brilliantly. Bringing us out each course and explaining where the food was so we could find it. I won’t go into any detail on the menu and what we were served as it would ruin the surprise for anyone dining there. But the courses were plant-based. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. And they were delicious.

It was a fantastic experience as my husband and I discussed what we thought each dish was. Some we got right, some we were miles off. There was even a couple of things we had never tried before. At the end, they show you the full menu of what you’ve eaten.

The team at Blackout were brilliant and immediately put us at ease. They completely understood the challenges that come with the experience and made it a wonderful experience.

Blackout, Las Vegas

The six-course tasting menu at Blackout costs $79.95 per person. Which I feel is great value for such a fantastic and unique experience. Drinks and tips are on top. We’ve done some pretty cool dining experiences in the past. Have you read my review of Tea in the Clouds and Dinnertime Stories in London? This experience was much slicker than these. So if you are reading this because you are heading to Las Vegas, I would highly recommend it!

What do you think? Would you give Blackout a go? Have you been to a dining in the dark restaurant? I’d love to hear about your experience.

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Disclosure: The restaurant gave us a complimentary table for two to try out their tasting menu, but as always, my opinions are my own.











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