Bottle Cutting Workshop


Bottle Cutting Workshop

So most people’s Saturday nights probably involve either a quick night in front of the telly, a nice meal out, or perhaps a drink or two before heading out to a club. My last Saturday night was quite different, I learnt how to cut glass bottles.

So I expect you have a raft of questions. How, why, where…

A friend of mine and her mum are very talented crafters. So a couple of years ago set up an Etsy shop, selling their wares online. As an offshoot to this business, they’ve recently set up a glass bottle cutting workshop. They invited me along to come and see the workshop in action.

Bottle Cutting Workshop

The glass bottle cutting workshop took place at INTRA which is a community arts centre, located just between the high streets of Rochester and Chatham. It’s a fabulous three-hour workshop where Claire and Janet talk you through the intricacies of how to make stuff (actual usable, useful, gorgeous stuff) out of your old glass bottles.

After a quick intro and a safety briefing, Claire showed us how to mark up our bottles and then score them. The first piece we were to make was a drinking tumbler. I’m very much a novice when it comes to making items out of glass and it took me a couple of attempts to even score the bottles. But Claire and Janet, ever the patient teachers, showed me where I was going wrong and helped me get a better score on my bottles.

Bottle Cutting Workshop


Now I’m not going to tell you the secret to how they actually cut the bottles and how you finish them. One, because my descriptions wouldn’t be as eloquent as their teaching and two, because if you really want to know, you need to book yourself onto the next workshop.

Bottle Cutting Workshop Bottle Cutting Workshop

The workshop costs £45. You can also buy everything you need from the duo after the session, so you too can be making beautiful homemade Christmas gifts from your old bottles in no time. I particularly like my storm lantern that I made out of a wine bottle, it looks beautiful with a tea light in it. There’s a whole raft of things you can make once you’ve perfected the skills Claire and Janet will teach you on the bottle cutting workshop. So go, on make sure you check out their next workshop. And and whilst you are at it, I’d also have a look at their fab Etsy shop. Even if you aren’t feeling creative, you can buy some of their beautiful creations. They won’t even tell if you pretend you made them yourself…

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      I believe there’s just been some new workshops announced for this year Fran, so have a look if there’s one that suits.

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