Why You Should Learn Another Language


Why You Should Learn Another Language

Let’s be honest. Learning a new skill takes time and patience. But isn’t it great when you master the basics and start feeling the benefits of what you’ve learnt? I’m a big believer in continuous learning and am lucky with the job I have that I have to be up to date with the industry I work in. Things move very quickly!

What about learning a language? That’s a great skill to have. I thought it would be good to highlight what benefits you may find, if you take the time to learn a second (or perhaps a third or fourth) language. Some training takes as little as 15 minutes per session.

Brain Benefits
It’s really good for you brain to be stretched and challenged in the way that learning a new language will do this. There’s been proven research that it’s great for your grey matter and will help your brain stay healthier for longer in older age.

Holiday Smart
If you often feel like that tourist that can’t speak a word of the country’s language, fear not. After a short period of learning, you’ll have picked up enough to be able to order food and drink, answer simple questions and maybe even have a conversation with the locals. It’s good to know some of the local tongue. It shows respect to the people and their culture. It also may help you when haggling during shopping trips.

Job Opportunities
Once you have mastered the basics of your chosen language, you can work on this in business terms and you might find that jobs that were once closed doors for you, suddenly become lucrative opportunities.

Doing something productive and progressive for you is a great thing. It will help lift you self-esteem no end. Imagine yourself just a few months down the line with a whole new secret skill that people may not have even realised you were honing. You’ll feel more confident and also have worth self-worth. Who doesn’t want that?

If you are feeling stuck in a rut, why not break out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to learn a new language. Language Trainers are a well-known name and they have a variety of training options. If learning a language isn’t for you, then mastering another skill might be more up your street.

How many languages can you speak? Do you still use the skills you learnt in school?

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