Buenos Aires, Maidstone


Buenos Aires, Maidstone

Buenos Aires is one of our favourite restaurants in Maidstone. It is one of the more pricey meals out, but we’ve been a number of times and the food is always very high quality and the service very good.

My other half and I visited as part of my birthday celebrations. When we arrived, the restaurant was relatively quiet and we were offered our choice of where to sit. We chose the window seat at the front. Although Maidstone high street isn’t the most picturesque of views (but what high street is), it’s quite nice to enjoy a meal and a bit of people watching in between conversation.

As I mentioned, we’d been to this restaurant a few times so we knew that the portions were pretty sizeable. We opted not to go for a starter, but just to order steaks. Me, an 8oz rump and my other half a 12oz fillet.

Buenos Aires, Maidstone

That’s the beauty of a steak house like this, you can have exactly what cut and size you want and have it cooked how you like. In previous visits with friends, we’ve ordered the sharing platters, where you get a selection of four different cuts of meat – rump, sirloin, rib-eye and fillet. Boy that was a lot of food, but it was really nice to try all the different cuts in comparison with each other and that’s how I’ve come to the conclusion I generally like rump best. That does make me a cheap date though!

Alongside out steaks, we ordered some chips and some creamed spinach. We also ordered a bottle of Argentinian Malbec. Yum!

Buenos Aires, Maidstone

Shortly after our order was taken, we were presented with a little basket of break and some oil and tapenade to dip. This was the only slight disappointment of the evening. The bread wasn’t particularly fresh. It perhaps had been baked the day before and was a little dry. I’m a bit of bread snob when I go to restaurants. I love freshly baked bread, probably because we rarely have it at home.

The steaks and sides arrived soon after and they were delicious. My steak was cooked to perfection – medium and my other half’s a bit rarer, as he’d asked for medium rare.

Buenos Aires, Maidstone

You really can’t fault Buenos Aires on their steaks. They do these to perfection. Top these with a bit of their blue cheese sauce and you have heaven on a fork. The portion of chips and creamed spinach went down well too.

We were quite full from our steaks so didn’t order a dessert. Instead we decided to walk our full bellies home, picking up a pack of Morrisson’s bakery Cherry Bakewells, to have with a cup of tea, later on.

Buenos Aires is one of the pricier restaurants in Maidstone. Steaks range from £14 to £43 with sides being priced at around £4. A bottle of wine will set you back anything from about £25 onwards. But it is well worth it for a special occasion or just a good meal out with friend. Buenos Aires is situated on Bank Street in Maidstone. It’s a 10 minute walk from either East or West Station, or you could park in the Lockmeadow complex and just cross the river to the restaurant.

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6 thoughts on “Buenos Aires, Maidstone

  1. Steak and fries are my go-to night out meal…it’s such a splurge 🙂 This looks amazing–my husband would be drooling over that blue cheese butter. xoxo


    • Sally Sally says:

      I know, it’s such a lovely treat out Kristiina isn’t it. Worth that bit extra for the good quality meat. Me too, I’m such a sucker for anything with blue cheese in it, your husband isn’t alone. It was a good sauce. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Sally, it looks like a great time. I love having dinner out, but the best part is not having to shop, cook and clean up! And of course everything tastes better when I didn’t make it myself, especially a nice cocktail or martini!! This looks like a great place to dine, and if i lived near you I would definitely visit!

    • Sally Sally says:

      We do too. It’s such a nice treat as I nearly always do all the cooking. We’ve had to cut back a bit on our meals out this year as we are looking to move house soon and are saving the pennies. Is there a good Argentinian anywhere near you? This is the only one in Kent. I think they are pretty rare unless you go to London in the UK.

  3. Looks like a fabulous meal out! I so value when we manage to get out of the house for a meal now that I get very disappointed if it’s not up to scratch! I don’t think you can beat a decent steakhouse #LifeLovingLinkyx

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