Create a Mood in Your Home Using Scent


Create a Mood in Your Home Using Scent

Scent is a powerful thing. It can lift the spirits, settle the mind, and even help you to sleep better. Which leads to the big question – why don’t many of us capitalise on this in our homes?

Why is Scent so Good at Influencing your Mood?
The next time you wander into a shop, sniff the air. Many retailers pump scent into the atmosphere to influence you to purchase more. Some businesses are making the most of its potential too. One financial firm found that its employees were 40% more productive when they infused the air with cinnamon.

Utilise smell in the home to create the sort of environment that benefits you and your family.

Get Active!
If you need energy to complete a task (like exercising or spring cleaning), then it’s time to reach for those citrus scents. Citrus is great for waking you up and injecting you with enthusiasm for the day, so it’s worthwhile lighting a citrus-scented candle before you go to work. Alternatively, a spritz of lemon or lime-dominated perfume will do the job, and you can enjoy the smell throughout the day.

Feel More Confident
Some scents have been proven to boost levels of self-confidence, which is useful if you’re about to make an important phone call or meet with a client. Fresh aromas like mint will make you feel more alert and self-aware, whereas scents like an exotic jasmine perfume or ylang ylang are more sensual and enticing – ideal if you’re about to have a loved one over for a dinner date.

Home Scent

Relax and Unwind
The ultimate scent for relaxation has to be lavender. If you struggle to sleep, squeeze a few drops of lavender oil on your pillow, as this can really help. Alternatively, light a lavender scented candle in the evening, to help you unwind properly before bedtime. Other scents that induce sleepiness are frankincense, vetiver (a common ingredient in perfumes) and cedarwood. If you’re going to purchase essential oils, make sure you get them from a reputable supplier.

Feel Sexy
If you want to feel sexier (for a hot date or a night out on the town), look for a perfume that contains oud oil or rose. These intense aromas are ideal for getting you ‘in the mood’! Likewise, get a reed diffuser with these scents included, and place it in the bedroom to create a more sensual ‘boudoir’ style environment.

Be Happier
Plenty of aromas make us feel happier. For some people, the smell of coffee immediately lifts the spirits. For others, it’s the freshness of blossom or the sweetness of apple. Generally speaking, ‘happy’ scents tend to be lighter in nature, and are often floral or fruity. They can sometimes take you back to a happier time too – for example, the smell of coconut is a powerful reminder of that exotic holiday abroad that you had a few years back!

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