Not So Useful Baby Buys


Not So Useful Baby Buys

As a soon to be new Mum, I’ve been doing lots of research on what to buy for baby. I thought it might be fun to crowdsource what our parenting bloggers think was a complete waste of money when it comes to buying baby gear. So here’s their list of not so useful baby buys.

Hemingway Sisters – Those clothes that go on your shoulder. Baby wasn’t sick that much and you kind of get used to being covered in snot, sick and other gross stuff as a mum.

Little Green Duck – Worst/most useless things I ever bought were loads of tiny little baby booties for my daughter before she was born. They’re SO cute but I now know babies spend at least their first 6 weeks entirely in sleepsuits with feet so shoes/boots or even socks are completely unnecessary.

Not So Useful Baby Buys

Life According to Mrs Shilts – A teething glove, it wasn’t used in our house. My son preferred to bite the TV remote or his toys

Soph-Obsessed – A light projector show. I thought it might help settle him to sleep on his own but it either kept him awake or he wasn’t remotely interested. I’ve spent the last 10 months knocking into the thing!

Tilly Button – A cute fox shaped bamboo plate that was supposed to stick to his highchair tray. It took three days for him to pull it off his tray which resulted in it coming off with enough force to give him a lovely bruise across his forehead.

Twinderelmo – A baby bath! Such a faff and took forever to fill and not spill – all before the water didn’t go cold. A bath support/ring was so much easier and took up far less space

Yammy Mommy – A swaddle. My son was born in the middle of a heatwave and it was way too hot to even think about using it!

The Life of Dee – Scratch mitts. Don’t bother as they fall off. Every. Single. Time. I bought the sleepsuits that come with integral scratch mitts & I found them to be so much better.

No Such Thing As Normal – The list is endless for the first child! A £300 high chair that was super stylish, shaped like an egg. Had the biggest base in the world and you couldn’t get it anywhere near the table. Baby no 2 had a £14 ikea jobby. Baby 1 – Every baby bath and bath support going. Baby number 2 was laid down in 2” of water in the big bath and splashed herself clean

Not So Useful Baby Buys

Fashion Mommy – Changing table. A mat on the floor is so much easier and you can use it anywhere and everywhere.

Dorset Mums – I bought one of those safety kits when my son was a toddler. It had door stops and plug covers in. All he ever did was take them out so I gave up and chucked them.

New Mum Fun – Cute baby outfits that never got worn as they didn’t seem as comfortable or practical as just keeping baby in a sleep suits for the first few months.

Planning Spree – Oh God, a baby bath for sure. What a waste of money. We had a perfectly good bath at home and we both this crap plastic one. Used it twice before realising that bathing a newborn in a sink or a bath is a million times easier. It’s my tip for anyone expecting. Do. Not. Bother.

My Little Wildlings – A nappy bin. So much faff! When I had twins I didn’t have the spare hand for it so it just gathered dust down the side of the sofa.

Lylia Rose – A top n tail bowl for bath times! Never ever used it so was a total waste of money!

Oxytocin and Other Stories – Basically any sleeping receptacle, moses basket, cot, poddlepod, baby swing…my baby was having none of it. She just wanted to be close to me. Wish I’d known that was normal. Wasted a ton of money!

Pennies for the Piggy Bank – For my two boys it has to be toy mobile phones, car keys and TV remote controls. Both of them point blank refused to play with them – only the real thing will do! They’ve ended up with old remote controls and ancient Nokia phones in they’re play boxes instead.

So what else would you add to the list of not so useful baby buys? What did you think you desperately need as a new parent that now just sits gathering dust?

4 thoughts on “Not So Useful Baby Buys

  1. Very good! Surely a lot of all this stuff is just marketing hyped – so great to hear a ‘real view’ . I know an awful lot of people, including my mother, who are very fond of making gifts of cute baby shoes… #globalbloggin

    • Sally Sally says:

      But baby shoes are so cute. You can see why we all buy them. I have to confess I have a pair in our nursery wardrobe. I suspect baby will only wear them once and then lose them, but I couldn’t resist!

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