Creating an Easy to Clean Living Room


Creating an Easy to Clean Living Room

Tidying the house seems like a never-ending chore particularly when you have little ones and/or pets. While you will always have to clean a home on a regular basis to keep it looking (and smelling) nice, you can make this easier by deliberately decorating a space which is easy to clean. The living room is often the most lived-in room of the house so here are a few tips for creating an easy to clean lounge.

Laminate Flooring

The floor is often what takes the brunt of the damage when it comes to mess (especially if you have dogs!). Instead of working up a sweat vacuuming and scrubbing at a carpet, laminate flooring is incredibly easy to clean and can also look fantastic. You could place rugs down if you wish but it looks great on its own and is low maintenance.

Engineered Wood Flooring

Cleanable Paint

When painting the walls you should always make sure that it is high-quality paint which is cleanable. This means that any grubby fingerprints can easily be cleaned off without having to worry about stripping the paint off.

Leather Upholstery

Leather not only looks great in the lounge but it can be much easier to clean than other materials for the upholstery. You simply need to wipe down a leather sofa or chair from time to time to keep it looking and smelling fresh but this is much harder with other fabrics which also do not look as stylish.


Curtains can look nice on the home but they are a magnet for dust, dirt and bad smells. Instead of having to take the curtains down and have them dry cleaned from time to time, shutters are a great solution as they can easily be wiped down but they also look terrific and are highly practical. Places like Swift Direct Blinds carry a wide range of stylish shutters which will be low maintenance and stylish.

Furniture With Storage

You can also keep a living room looking neat and tidy with the use of furniture with built-in storage. This helps to reduce clutter and makes the room look much neater, tidier and more welcoming.

These tips should help you to design a living room which is low maintenance and easy to clean while still retaining plenty of style. This will make cleaning the home simple, quick and stress-free which will make the home much more relaxing and make the house look its best at all times.

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