Austin – Month 2


Austin – Month 2

Austin is now two months old. The last month has brought about some challenges that we didn’t foresee and it has made for a rather exhausting end to the month. Poor Austin got a urine infection which we spotted about a week and a half ago. Luckily he hasn’t been too affected by this, but the constant trips to the doctors and the hospital, which isn’t that near, has been taking its toll on all of us.

Austin Month Two

He’s been given antibiotics on a drip via a cannula on a daily basis, he’s had his organs scanned using an ultrasound, which thankfully came back clear. They also cultivated some blood samples, which had grown e-coli, so the doctors recommended that we give him antibiotics for longer, just to ensure he doesn’t get more poorly.

Austin Month Two

His sleep pattern is all over the place due to trips in the car seat which he nearly always falls asleep in and some of our appointments have been very late at night, meaning that we haven’t been getting into bed to almost 1am some nights. That’s tough when he usually starts to wake any time between 5 and 7am.


At the start of the month, his sleeping was getting better and better. He was taking regular naps during the day, waking up a refreshed and happy baby. At night, I enjoyed a couple of nights where he slept for a solid 5 – 6 hours. One time he woke up as the sun was starting to rise. Bliss!

But moving to the last 10 days or so, he’s entered his second developmental leap, he also was unwell as I mentioned and to top that all off, he had to have his first round of jabs. These have all affected his sleep and he won’t go to sleep at 7pm, it is nearer 9 – 10pm and he generally wakes every hour or two from around 2am. I’m sure this is just a phase and with some time he’ll start going longer again and I can get a bit more shut-eye.


He’s started eating a lot more. We are often seeing him finish bottle of 7oz in between breastfeeds. We’ve upped his formula bottles to three per day, adding one in at around 3pm. This seems to be the time when my milk is at its lowest and he seems super hungry, so it made sense. I’m still breastfeeding overnight and in between the bottles and it’s working quite well for us.


Austin is still going through nappies like wildfire. He really doesn’t like to sit in a wet nappy for very long at all. I would think we change nappies between 10 and 15 times a day. I wonder whether the volume of nappies we go through is in any way connected to the urine infection. He’s still being treated with antibiotics for this, so we’ll see once he’s done with that.

Mental Development

We’ve had a lot more smiles this month and also a few laughs. He’s a very beamy baby in the morning, just after his sleep and sometimes in the afternoon during playtime if he’s also slept well. His grin is lopsided so it’s super cute.

Austin Month Two

He loves watching his mobile above his cot. You can see he is tracking the animals moving around. I pop him in there when I’m putting the washing away and wind up the mobile. He lets out a little grunt if the animals stop moving and I haven’t returned back quickly enough to wind it up again.

Austin Month Two

Physical Development

He’s got a lot more control over his arms and has started grasping things, like my hair. It is a shame that his hand was in a bandage for a while, where he had his cannula in for his antibiotic drip. It made his arm heavy to move and he wasn’t able to control it as well.

His legs have got a lot stronger, he now kicks them down in his cot if he wants my attention during the night.

He has started gaining weight a bit more rapidly. Since the weigh-in last month at the clinic, I got him weighed at the hospital and he was 10lb 11oz. At the one-month milestone, he was 9lb 2oz.

Austin Month Two

He’s grown longer again. We’ve had to get a bigger cot to replace the Moses basket we were using downstairs and he has also outgrown all of his groswaddles. His feet touch the bottom, so I’ve bought bigger sleeping bags. We’ve tried him with his arms out over the last week also, which doesn’t seem to have bothered him too much, so he’ll be ready for the transition into a sleeping bag next week. As he’s got so long, we’ve also had to pack away a large volume of his newborn clothes. Some of them he hadn’t even worn as he was too big for them when he was born and anything with inbuilt feet was a no-no, as his feet were so large!

Stay tuned for further developments and updates.

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