Ice Skating at The Natural History Museum


Ice Skating at The Natural History Museum

One of the most picturesque outdoor ice rinks in London is located at The National History Museum. So if you are thinking of donning your skates and going for a festival trip on the ice, you should well consider heading to this venue.

We went last year and it was really good fun. You book a 50-minute slot either during the day or the evening, turn up and get to go round the real ice rink and pretend you are Torvill or Dean for the next three quarters of an hour.

There’s a giant Christmas tree in the middle, perfect for those all-important selfies. There’s also little penguin stabilisers for the tiny tots who are on the ice. I wish they made those for the adults too. I don’t think ice skating is my forte. Luckily my husband is quite good, so I persuaded him to hold my hand and pull me round some of the time!

Ice Skating at The Natural History Museum

Off-peak tickets start at £12.95 for an adult and £8.80 for a child and go up to £17.05 and £11.55 which is pretty steep for less than an hour on the ice. But then it’s a limited time event and it’s in London. The other thing is that it takes a while to actually get on to the ice, so our 50 minutes was more like 40 by the time we got on there. So be prepared for that. But as I wasn’t a natural at ice skating at The Natural History Museum, I didn’t mind that I lost a few minutes!

Ice Skating at The Natural History Museum

Would I go again? Probably not, but that’s only because it’s one of those things you do once. I might go skating again at another London venue – there’s lots to choose from over the winter months. But to be honest, I’d be happier having a hot chocolate and watching others hone their ice skating skills.

Ice skating at The Natural History Museum runs October to January. The nearest tube station is South Kensington – it’s well signposted from the station. It may be worth visiting the museum as well whilst you are there. It’s free to enter. Happy skating!

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