Photo Canvas


Photo Canvas

We had lots of lovely photos taken at our wedding. If you’ll recall, we hired a local brewery and had the wedding there. So a lot of our photos were really unique and really deserve to be shown. But as always with these things, you get the album or the flash drive with your photos on and then they sit there. Occasionally you might have a look through them, but often they go largely unnoticed. The same as photos you might have taken of the kids, the grandchildren, that amazing holiday, that beautiful sunset. Whatever it is, whatever the moment, it deserved to be celebrated on a photo canvas.

So when I got the chance to print some of my favourite photos on canvases with ParrotPrint, I jumped at the chance. I had a folder already saved on my computer with my favourite shots from our wedding. So I just picked my three favourite ones and using their simple uploader, I ordered three gorgeous photo canvases for my dressing room wall.

Photo Canvas

I was super impressed by the online service. The canvas builder was simple, as was the pricing. If you place your order by noon, your photo canvas will be sent the following day. How speedy is that?

But what I was most impressed with was the quality of the printing on the canvas. It was crystal clear. They actually looked like the photos. Of course, you can see it is canvas, but the definition of the photos isn’t lost in the printing, unlike some other canvases we have printed in the past. The frames are chunky – good quality. I don’t feel like they are flimsy things which won’t last the distance.

The hardest thing was getting them straight on our slightly wonky walls. It was a two-person operation, as we had three photos that I wanted in a very specific pattern right next to my wedding dress mannequin. But after a few adjustments, they were up and they look perfect. So now I can admire our gorgeous wedding photos at the same time as looking at my dress. These things should be on show eh?

So if you are looking for a great gift, I’d urge you to check out ParrotPrint. In fact with Christmas coming, it’s a lovely idea for a Christmas present. You can even choose an image from Instagram or Facebook. Square canvases start at £19.99 and rectangle ones from £14.99.

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Disclosure: My canvases from ParrotPrint were complimentary, but as always, my opinions are my own.

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