I love it when you find a new app that makes something you do on a regular basis so much easier. I came across MileIQ which is a mileage tracking app. It’s perfect for anyone who is either self-employed or who has to track their mileage for work.

The app couldn’t be simpler. Just download it, set it up and you are ready to go. You no longer have to track your mileage in a spreadsheet or in you diary, it does it all for you.

It’s perfect if you have a company car, as you can easily track whether the mileage is for work use or personal use. And the app makes that simple too. You just swipe one way for personal and the other for business at the end of the journey and the app tots this all up for you. You can even add a reason for the journey to make it easier to track how many miles you do for specific purposes. You can add your own options for the purposes, allowing you to customise the way you account for miles to your specific needs.


If you are self-employed this is a bit of a game changer. No longer will you have to spend your valuable time recording down your mileage so you can do your tax return accurately at the end of the year. The MileIQ app does all of this for you, ready just to enter in the figures when you need them.

The MileIQ app is available to download for both Apple and Android devices, so why not give it a go and see how it can save you time. Current cost for one year is £44.99, which I think if you do a lot of driving for business is an absolute bargain. You can get 40 drives for free, so you can give it a go before committing. I’ve tried the app and think it couldn’t be easier but give it a go yourself. I’d love to know what you think if you do try it.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post with MileIQ

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