Piri Piri Chicken Salad Recipe


Piri Piri Chicken Salad Recipe

Serves 2

Piri Piri Chicken Salad Recipe

This piri piri chicken salad recipe is inspired by one of my all-time favourite spices, the piri piri chilli. If you’ve never tried a piri piri chilli, I recommend you go out buy some, buy some sauce and smear it all over whatever comes to hand. Halloumi, chicken, even a bag of salad. It has such a rewarding spicy kick that will leave you wanting it again and again. This chicken salad honours all that is good about piri piri chillies and the land of these beautiful little peppers – Portugal. I’ll be honest, I’ve cheated a bit, buying a locally made piri piri sauce and marinating my chicken in this, but you could buy the chillies and make your own sauce if you prefer.


2 chicken breasts
4 tablespoons of piri piri sauce (more if you like it hotter)
10 – 12 leaves of local green lettuce
2 tomatoes
¼ of a cucumber
A dozen or so olives
A drizzle of olive oil


Cut the chicken into bitesize pieces and add to a bowl

Spoon over the piri piri sauce, cover the bowl and refrigerate for at least two hours or ideally overnight, to allow to marinade.

After the chicken has marinated, add some olive oil to a pan and stir-fry the chicken for a few minutes, ensuring that it is cooked through.

Cut the lettuce and tomatoes and add to a serving plate with the sliced cucumber and olives.

Once the chicken is cooked through, add to the top of the salad and serve immediately.

Drizzle with olive oil and enjoy this delicious spicy chicken salad.

Piri Piri Chicken Salad Recipe

Whilst we were in the Algarve and ate this dish, we used local tomatoes. They were the perfect accompaniment as they were so sweet and complemented the salty olives and the spicy chicken.

This recipe is inspired by chef James Villas’ My Holiday Dish. Jo Pratt is working with James Villas to provide a collection of Mediterranean-inspired dishes under the umbrella of #MyHolidayDish, Isthereagenericcialis. You can see other recipes on James Villas’ Blog. My personal favourite is the tapas dish, prawns with chorizo and sherry. Yum!


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30 thoughts on “Piri Piri Chicken Salad Recipe

  1. Sally, this looks so delish! I had to look up the ingredients in Piri Piri, I like hot things, but my stomach doesn’t! But I found some great recipes for it and you can lessen the heat if you like. This looks like something that I would really enjoy, I love a great salad in the summer and we will be trying this when our peppers come in season in the garden. Which should be soon! Thanks!

    • Sally Sally says:

      Spices can be quite a fine balance with people’s tums and also their tasted buds. I really like spicy things, but I’ve had to build up a tolerance. I know for some they are an absolute no go. I hope your peppers turn out lovely.

    • Sally Sally says:

      Oh yes Kirsty. The piri piri and salad work so well together. The tomato is lovely and cooling too.

  2. I have never tried piri piri sauce. Will have to give it a try and I’m always looking for new flavours as we eat a lot if chicken!xx #anythinggoes

    • Sally Sally says:

      If you like a bit of spice Wendy, I think you’ll find this yummy. It definitely gives you a more lively chicken salad!

    • Sally Sally says:

      It was really delicious. I love piri piri chillies. Such a nice flavour. Hope you enjoy it if you do try it.

  3. I have never thought about putting piri piri sauce on Haloumi before – going to have to try that! You salad looks nice #cookblogshare

    • Sally Sally says:

      Ahh, you’ll enjoy this Fran. I love chicken too. Can’t go more than a few days without it. It’s so versatile.

  4. This is a wonderful recipe to add to the #MyHolidayDish collection as the ingredients are easily found in so many of our destinations. Thank you for sharing with us.

  5. I am honestly such a sucker for recipe posts, I bookmark all the ones I love and this looks AMAZING! I really want to try this now, it sounds like it would just melt in my mouth. #lifelovinglinky

    Jordanne || Thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk

    • Sally Sally says:

      Me too Jordanne. It’s lovely reading all the blogs and getting inspiration for lots of different recipes. It was one of my favourite dishes I cooked whilst I was away.

    • Sally Sally says:

      Yes it absolutely would. Piri piri sauce is often fat free, so is a great way to spice up a chicken salad.

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