Singapore Zoo


Singapore Zoo

When planning our trip to Singapore, a friend said to me, “you must visit Singapore Zoo! It’s amazing”. And I’m definitely the sort of person who takes travel advice from those who have been there and done that. Especially people who know me well and know what I’d enjoy. So on her advice I started looking into options for visiting Singapore Zoo.

She’d recommended that we visited in the evening. They run these events called Night Zoo. Not only would it be cooler for us, it was cooler for the animals. They also said we would be able to see animals that were known to be nocturnal, so you would have a very different experience to any zoo that you would have visited during the day.

I had a look at the options available and decided that we would embark on a visit with a guided tour. I have to confess at this stage, I thought I had booked something else and so it wasn’t until we arrived at the Singapore Zoo I realised I had booked my husband and I on a very special package!

We taxied over from our hotel, which was about a 20 min ride. You can get there on public transport, but it seemed quite complicated and we were going to enjoy the luxury of a taxi. On arrival we had been asked to come to the Night Zoo reception where we were warmly greeted and told our guide Velma would be with us shortly. The zoo was very busy, lots of parents and their children and there seemed to be a lot of queues. It was much busier than any zoo I had been to in the UK.

Singapore Zoo

When we were united with our guide and ushered through the crowd to a golf-esque style buggy, it was then I realised I hadn’t just booked a standard trip to the zoo. We were on a private tour with just another family on our buggy for company. The other guests were queuing for a public tour bus and we had essentially hopped the queue and were being taken round with our guide. Amazing!

Velma, our guide was so knowledgeable about the animals, the habitats they lived in, their diets and even sharing titbits about their personalities.

The tour lasted around 3 hours and we were treated to some amazing sights of lions, some very stinky porcupines, fruit bats in flight and a gorgeous three-legged leopard called tripod, who was still amazingly agile jumping up and down the logs in his enclosure.

Singapore Zoo Singapore Zoo

At the beginning of the tour there was a show, where there was a presenter talked us through some of the highlights of the zoo. During the show, some of the animals were invited on stage, either through the audience (on the shoulders of the keepers) or through the back and sides of the stage. There was a very cute otter who came on stage and showed us all how easy it was to recycle. I’m a big kid at heart, so I loved it.

Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo

It was a lovely surprise to be on such an exclusive tour. I’ll be honest, I just thought it was a standard ticket that I had purchased, so it was a lovely treat to have such an ‘insiders view’. Velma really took us up close to the action and gave us so much of an insight to the animals. Perhaps looking back it was a bit pricey for a standard ticket, but the again I knew Singapore was a pricy place! It worked out £160 for the tour for two of us. I’d 100% recommend it if you are visiting Singapore Zoo. It was well-worth it.

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