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Tweak Mattress

When we found out that we were expecting our first baby, one of the first things we decided to invest in was a new mattress for our bed. Getting enough sleep and enough good quality sleep is really important throughout your pregnancy. In the first trimester, I found myself having a lot of catnaps. So popping up stairs for half an hour or so was really key, as was falling asleep quickly. That way I could maximise the time I spent napping without losing too much of the day.

I’m in my second trimester now and my bump is growing. I’m still relatively comfortable sleeping but there are parts of my body which ache from time to time – my chest and my back. So resting these on a quality mattress was really key. I’m so glad we took the decision to get a new mattress.

It is also recommended that by about 20 weeks that you start sleeping on your side. This will allow blood to flow more freely to your growing baby. Our previous mattress was quite firm and if you’ve ever slept on your side on a firm mattress, you’ll know that it’s not very comfortable. You end up with dead limbs and your hip bones stick into the firm surface.

My husband is a back sleeper and suffers a bit with back pain, so he much prefers a firmer mattress, so this was going to pose us a problem. But after a bit of research we came across a perfect solution. The Tweak Duo mattress.

Tweak Mattress

This is a split comfort mattress which you can customise to your individual needs. Perfect for two people who need different firmnesses from their bed. What a great idea! The two different comfort levels are achieve by having two different foam inserts making up the top layer of the mattress. These inserts go side by side to create a seamless split mattress. You’d never know that it was made up of two inserts unless you tested out the different firmnesses as there’s no ridge or zip down the middle. Genius!

Tweak Mattress

The mattress itself is made up of five layers, including 1000 individually wrapped pocket springs, a fabric cover which is hypoallergenic and machine washable and a pressure relieving, cooling layer. Ideal for my husband who always runs hot, and for me when I get the much-promised pregnancy flushes.

Tweak Mattress

After reading independent reviews about the Tweak Duo mattresses and the company, Tweak Slumber, which were most complimentary, we decided to order one.

The time period between ordering and delivery can take up to 15 days, but the team at Tweak kept me very well informed the whole way through the process and our delivery came much sooner.

The company offer a 100 night sleep trial which really reassured us. Not only can you tweak the comfort levels during this 100 nights, simply by just requesting different firmness inserts, but if you really aren’t happy, Tweak will come and collect the mattress and refund in full. That’s a bold statement! But I think this must be the proof of the pudding. So many of the reviews raved about how good the mattress is, they must be confident that their customers will love their Tweak Duo mattresses.

Tweak Mattress

So our verdict… We love our mattress. Our old mattress was comfortable, but a little too firm for me. It had also had worn out and needed replacing. Sleeping on our new Tweak Duo mattress was like a dream (no pun intended). My husband got the firmer support he needed for his sleep position and I could curl up on my side knowing that my limbs wouldn’t go dead or I wouldn’t be uncomfortable from bones digging into firm surfaces. Bliss! I really don’t know why we hadn’t thought of this before. Surely most couples want different support from their mattress?

Tweak also sent us some pillows to try. On first inspection I thought these were going to be a bit cumbersome and hard for my liking. They are quite heavy. The pillows are big, so I had to get some kingsize pillow cases. But once on the bed and when you are resting your head on these, they are amazingly comfortable. There’s a definite firmness to them, but due to the foam they sort of mould to you as you sleep, but Tweak also say they won’t lose their shape over time.

The best bit about these pillows is the way they keep cool all throughout the night. The pillows are made from Cold Cure PU Foam and have air holes in them, so they are perfect if you are pillow turner, always looking for the cool side.

Tweak Mattress

If you are considering a new a mattress, I’d urge you to have a look at the Tweak website and check out their reviews online. It’s not just me that loves my new mattress. The Tweak Duo mattresses cost £795 for a double, £895 for a kingsize and £995 for a super king mattress including free UK delivery. All of their mattresses come with a 10 year guarantee.

I’m delighted to announce that Tweak Slumber are offering my readers an exclusive discount when purchasing a mattress. You can save £150 off a mattress by using the code LIFELOVING150 during checkout.

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Disclosure: This is a collaborative post with Tweak. They gave us a discount on our mattress. But as always, my opinions are my own and we truly love our new mattress.

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  1. I think our mattress is on its way out! I’ll be honest, I haven’t given mattresses too much thought but I love the idea of the duo one. Thanks for linking up with #globalblogging

  2. Big fan and advocate of sleeping well (,enough), and healthily. Split mattress sounds great, oh and congrats on the great news 🙂 #globalblogging

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