Why Volunteering is Good


Why Volunteering is Good

You may have recently read my post about looking after your mental well-being. One of the takeaways in this post was to do something for someone else. So I’d like to expand out on this point.

Volunteering is a really good way of looking out for others as well as looking out for yourself. There’s lots of benefits from volunteering.

By spending time thinking about others and helping out in other ways, you’ll be thinking less about yourself. You may also find that you appreciate what you do have, rather than thinking negatively about what you don’t.

Volunteering can help develop new skills and talents. This is not only great for your own self-worth, but this can be beneficial when progressing your career. Any kind of volunteering will put you in situations that are unfamiliar and this is good for life experience.

By becoming a volunteer you’ll find that you meet lots of new people. This is the ideal way to expand your social network with like-minded people. Have a wider circle of friends can great, especially for those who are feeling isolated or excluded.

Volunteering is actually really fun. You spend time with great people, doing different things, learning new skills. I challenge you not to enjoy yourself. You’ll feel immense satisfaction from volunteering and this in turn will lead to more and better feelings of well-being.


There’s plenty of resources out there to help you get started. Just remember that you may need to get DBS checked for some roles. But that’s easy enough for organisations to do at uCheck.co.uk. You may also need to provide references and proof of relevant qualifications. Some roles may also require a car, but not all, so don’t let that put you off.

Another thing to think about is there are plenty of opportunities to volunteer utilising your current skills. If you work in finance or marketing, you could help out with the accounts or promotion of a charity. Have a look at Do-It.org for opportunities in your area.

Have you volunteered? Did you find it was rewarding? What’s your tips for volunteering?

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4 thoughts on “Why Volunteering is Good

    • Sally Sally says:

      It is isn’t it Bronwyn. Plenty of things you can do to help other that will ultimately bring peace to you too.

    • Sally Sally says:

      Exactly – always nice to do something for someone else (and it turns out to be good for you too!)

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