Utensils That Really Help in the Kitchen


Utensils That Really Help in the Kitchen

The kitchen is amongst the most important rooms in the modern home. With its help, you’ll be able to cook just about any meal imaginable – provided, of course, that your kitchen is equipped with the right tools. Nowadays, there are all manner of contraptions clamouring for your hard-earned cash, some of which are incredibly useful; others, not so much.

Let’s take a look at some of the more popular utensils, and assess just how much they help to get the job done.

Pasta Machine

There are some sorts of pasta that you’ll be able to make entirely by hand. Gnocchi and lasagne sheets spring to mind. But even the latter is easier with the help of a quality pasta machine from a retailer like Nisbets. Consisting of two evenly-spaced steel rollers, this simple device will spit out perfect tagliatelle every time; you’ll never reach for the dried stuff again!

Kitchen Utensils

Dutch Oven

Confusingly, a Dutch oven is sometimes referred to as a ‘French’ oven. Wherever it comes from, the construction is the same. It’s a heavy cast-iron pot which comes with an enamelled, cleanable surface. It’ll heat evenly and it’s inherently non-stick in a way that regular cast-iron isn’t.


Blenders come in a range of different sorts. There are stick blenders, which can be inserted straight into your soup while it’s on the stove to create a smooth consistency, and there are bowl-blenders, into which you’ll need to place your ingredients before blitzing them. The latter tend to be more difficult to clean, but they’re the obvious choice if you need to blitz lots of ingredients in one go (or, if you’re making smoothies).

Electric Mixer

If you’re seriously about baking (or indeed, cooking in general) then you’ll need an electric mixer. It’s a little bit like a blender – except rather than chopping up solid objects, it’ll combine flours, eggs, liquids and everything else you throw into the bowl into a cohesive, smooth whole. A high-quality mixer will set you back several hundred quid, but it’s worth the price of entry.

With the help of the right attachments, an electric mixer will knead flour and water into a workable dough. Speaking of which…

Bread Maker

A bread-maker is a popular all-in-one contraption that’ll take care of all of the steps needed to create a perfect, healthy loaf with minimal intervention. It’ll mix and knead the dough, leave it to prove, and then cook the loaf until it’s golden-brown.

To get the best results, you’ll need to put the right mixture into the machine to begin with, and for the thing to be cheaper than buying ready-sliced bread from your supermarket, you’ll need to be so seriously committed to your bread maker that you might as well make the stuff by hand. With that said, there’s nothing quite like the smell and taste of a fresh-baked loaf.

What’s your go-to kitchen utensil? What could you not live without?

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