Panic Room, Gravesend


Panic Room, Gravesend

If you are local to the Kent area, you will have no doubt heard of someone saying they are going to one of the experiences at the Panic Room in Gravesend. The Panic Room is a collection of 12 different escape room experiences. I’ve done similar experiences before. If you are closer to London, you should read about our experience at the Escape the Room in London Bridge.

The Panic Room is well regarded and has high satisfaction levels on Trip Advisor. We went as part of a birthday celebration for one of my friends. As I mentioned, there’s a number of rooms to choose from. We booked ‘Old Father Time’. The blurb on this sounds great. Old Father Time has gone missing and it’s almost midnight on New Year’s Eve. Us, the challengers have to solve the puzzles and restore time.

Panic Room, Gravesend

The room is beautifully set up as a tree cabin and the challenge is given a difficulty rating of 3/5. I won’t go into any detail of what else is inside and how you solve the room – no one likes a spoiler.

What I can say is the room provides a great challenge, the outcome is very satisfying and all in all, the experience at The Panic Room was really good fun. The chap running the experience was really welcoming and told us about the other rooms – so we’ll definitely be back to try another room.

They were also really accommodating, as one of our team was heavily pregnant (less than 3 weeks to go!) Thankfully we solved the puzzles and got out of the room with a few minutes to spare. Meaning her daughter won’t be born in The Panic Room – although wouldn’t that be a good story?

Panic Room, Gravesend

The room prices do vary slightly depending on the experience you choose. Our room was £87.50 for the six of us, so works out around £14.50 each. The more people in a room, the cheaper per person it is.

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    • Sally Sally says:

      They are so much fun Tracy. We’ve done quite a few rooms now and luckily escaped all of them so far!

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