Top 10 Experience Days


Experience Days

Everyone loves an experience day. Whether it’s a well-researched gift for a loved one or a treat for yourself, there’s nothing better than a break from the daily grind to try something new. It’s also pretty much guaranteed to be a really fun day out, whatever experience you get or give.

Here’s my top 10 experience days –

  1. Chocolate Making – this combines two of my favourite things. Making chocolate and then eating it. I’ve done this once and I’d love to do it again.
  2. Archery – there’s nothing more satisfying than learning how to shoot an arrow properly. I loved archery, even though I wasn’t a natural, I did manage to ‘kill’ a lion.Experience Days - Archery
  3. Spa Day – what’s not to love about a spa day? Pampering at the hands of a trained professional, followed by some downtime in the sauna, steam room or Jacuzzi. Plus if you pick the right package, you can enjoy a light lunch or an indulgent afternoon tea too.
  4. Stunt Driving – there’s something very cool about being James Bond at the wheel of a car that isn’t yours. You can learn to speed parallel park, do some doughnuts or even drive on two wheels.
  5. Ski or Snowboard Taster – Right so I can just about to get down a slope on a set of skis, but give me a snowboard and I’m like Bambi on ice. I’m sure you could do better. I’m sticking to the skis and going for another lesson before appearing on Ski Sunday.
  6. Helicopters – whether you want to take the controls or just let someone else do the work and admire the view, both are amazing. I felt like I was flying – funny that!Experience Days - Helicopters
  7. A Day With a Perfumer – who doesn’t want to smell nice? Not only will you learn a lot about how to smell ‘notes’ in the perfume, you’ll also get to create and take home your own signature fragrance. Scent-sational….
  8. Quad Biking – possibly the most fun you can have on four wheels (and maybe the dirtiest on a muddy day). Mastering a quad bike is immensely rewarding.Experience Days - Quad Biking
  9. Cocktail Making – everyone should know how to make an amazing mojito or tequila sunrise. You know you’ll be even more popular at that next party if you do.
  10. Monster Trucks – Grrr! Doesn’t everyone want to drive over poor little insignificant cars and crush them. Or is that just me?

I’m hoping you’ve found some inspiration for your next experience day. Which one would you most like to try or perhaps give as a gift to a loved one?

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