Dockyard Glassworks and Bermuda Rum Cake


Dockyard Glassworks and The Bermuda Rum Company

I’d love to share with you one of my favourite holiday destinations, Bermuda. So over the coming weeks I’ll be posting about what we saw and did whilst we holidayed on this amazing Island. One of my favourite days out was to the Royal Naval Dockyard. There’s a whole plethora of things to do in the Royal Naval Dockyard but today I’d like to share with you the art of glass blowing and yummy rum cake.

We arrived in the Dockyard on our scooters (tourists aren’t allowed to drive cars on the Island of Bermuda) so we got around mainly on bus, cycles, lifts from our lovely friends and for a couple of days we hired scooters, which was great fun.

On Our Way To Royal Naval Dockyard Bermuda

The Dockyard area is right at the southern tip of the Island. The part where it curls round. It’s really easy to get here via public transport and also a great ride on the scooters.

Not only do they show you the glass blowing in the Dockyard, there’s also a beautiful display of the pieces that have been blown. I really wanted to buy some of these pieces, but I was so worried they would get broken in my luggage on the way back to the UK, so I regrettably didn’t buy anything.

Royal Naval Dockyard Bermuda

We watched as a woman took a blob of glass and heated it up to a super-hot temperature and then added small strategically placed dots of colours whilst rolling the glass into a lightbulb shape. She had it attached to a long metal pipe, which she blew down the end of to increase the circumference of the bulb shape. Then using what looked like some special pliers, she opened out the bulb shape and made it into the most beautiful plate. We were memorised. It was so marvellous to watch a blob of molten glass turn into a plate.

Royal Naval Dockyard Bermuda

I hope again someday to see some more glass blowing as I really appreciate this kind of talent and creativity.

Royal Naval Dockyard Bermuda

Housed in the same building is the Bermuda Rum Cake Company. We sampled some of the 11 delicious flavours of the rum cake, which included ginger, chocolate and rum swizzle (one of Bermuda’s famous cocktails) and of course traditional, which is lemon and vanilla – yummy.

Royal Naval Dockyard Bermuda

We also watched the rum cake being made. They are doused in what is known as ‘the Bermuda rum’ – Gosling’s Black Seal Rum, which not only makes this a boozy treat, it also keeps the sponge really moist. We purchased a couple of cakes there as presents to take home. These went down well with the recipients.

Royal Naval Dockyard Bermuda

If you are going to Bermuda, this should be on your list of places to go, there’s so much to see and do in the Dockyard. I’d love to go back to Bermuda and revisit some of my favourite parts and also explore some of the parts we didn’t get time to.

Royal Naval Dockyard Bermuda

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9 thoughts on “Dockyard Glassworks and Bermuda Rum Cake

    • Sally Sally says:

      Wow. I bet you have some amazing pieces. Where can you go to see glass blowing in the UK. I would be less worried about it getting broken coming home.

    • Sally Sally says:

      Bermuda was amazing. I’ve got some other Bermuda posts planned so please pop back and read more Christine. It might persuade you to visit!

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