The Bermuda Perfumery


The Bermuda Perfumery – Lili Bermuda

Isabelle Ramsay-Brackstone is a genius. She has been the Perfumer at The Bermuda Perfumery (aka Lili Bermuda) since 2004. We decided to take a tour of the Perfumery as part of our trip to Bermuda. Boy was I impressed.

The Bermuda Perfumery

There’s something really amazing about seeing something so special being made and bottled in front of you. It’s like knowing a secret that only a few others know. The perfumes that Isabelle creates are not just perfumes they are art for the nose. They are described as fragrances that represent the Island’s natural beauty, using tones like ocean salt spray and Bermuda cedar wood.

During the tour, you are encouraged to sample the gorgeous scents. You also embark on a tour where you’ll see (and smell) how the perfumes are created and bottled. The bottling is all done by hand at the Perfumery, so you can see the whole process.

Lili Bermuda

Of course, I had to leave the perfumery with a little present for myself. It’s important to have memories of your holiday once you return and also to support local businesses.

The Bermuda Perfumery - Lili Bermuda

The Perfumery is located in St George’s which is right at the north of the Island. St George’s is a beautiful area, lots of gorgeous architecture and home also to the Crystal Caves. We enjoyed our time in this part of the Island, there’s so much to see and do and it’s so picturesque.

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